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The Best LA Movies To Watch In 2020

Los Angeles is a vibrant place to live, full of beauty, opportunity, creativity, and culture. It’s a wonderful place, and it has so much to offer.

One aspect of LA that will always be famous, though, is its movie and television scene which has a massive reputation around the globe. Movie making is synonymous with LA, with many of today’s stars living in Hollywood’s hills or dining at one of the city’s amazing restaurants. Thousands of movies have been filmed in and around the city, are based on it, or have inspired the city as a result, which is why the entertainment industry and the city are so closely aligned.

With that in mind, we felt the need to hark back in time and highlight some of the best LA movies to watch. What a famous city we live in, right?


Released in 1996, Clueless is loosely adapted from the plot of Emma, Jane Austen’s novel. A movie worthy of taking your attention away from the highly anticipated devil slots, Clueless follows the story of a sassy lady living her life in LA while struggling to relate to the people surrounding her. A funny and heartwarming watch, Cher plays the role superbly well, and the movie features some stunning pictures of beautiful LA throughout. If you haven’t seen Clueless, then we highly suggest you do so. Immediately.

Pulp Fiction

Sitting at the top of many peoples’ favorite movies of all time list, Pulp Fiction is one of LAs biggest and best productions. Directed by the highly esteemed Quentin Tarantino, this 1994 movie highlights the drug and gang issues in the city. Featuring some truly iconic scenes and several spectacular performances from the likes of John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, and Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece. You’ve seen it, right? If the answer is no, then I’m afraid to tell you that you simply haven’t lived.

L.A Story

A 1991 classic, L.A Story is a hilarious creation following the story of a weatherman who has become disillusioned with life. The weatherman, played by the legendary Steve Martin, can’t resist airing his frustrations and poking fun at various aspects of LA throughout the movie, which is why it’s a classic release well worth watching.

The Big Lebowski

A comedy classic, The Big Lebowski follows a Venice Beach hippie called ‘The Dude’ as he gets himself embroiled into a hostage situation. He drinks endless amounts of white Russians and consumes copious amounts of cannabis. His best friends, a crazy Vietnam War veteran named Walter and an awkwardly quiet Donny, accompany The Dude on this surreally psychedelic journey which will have you laughing throughout, while also enjoying the LA scenery. Check it out, dude. Honestly.

LA Confidential

Focussing on the 1950s and the corruption and criminality which dominated it, LA Confidential highlights the inadequacies of the police force and the crimes they covered up. A dark, nostalgic depiction of Los Angeles, this 1997 movie follows three policemen as they attempt to solve a murder that is linked to each one of them. A winner of multiple Academy Awards, LA Confidential is simply excellent.


to the California water wars. As California suffers from drought even today, Chinatown is still very much accurate and highlights a key issue at the center of LA’s history for years. If you’re keen to learn more about the city and its rich history, then Chinatown might interest you.


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