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Teeny Bopping at BeautyCon LA 2015

Whew, we made it out of the jungle that was BeautyCon after passing over thousands of screaming youngsters that were there to catch a glimpse of their YouTube idols. BeautyCon is an ensemble of beauty, music, fashion, and culture; it is an opportunity for young fans to meet their icons. These fans are so passionate about vloggers that the Fire Marshall had to order the event to close the doors for a time, because many anxious fans kept pushing themselves to the front. The beauty vloggers have collectively garnered over 1 billion views. These are online stars that we are talking about. Stars like Kanded Johnson and Grav3yardGirl have millions of followers on YouTube alone. To be honest, I had no idea up until now that these vloggers where such enormous celebrities. It is pretty remarkable watching the Internet evolve into a platform so expansive that every niche of society can claim legions of online supporters. These girls wield a large influence over a very impressionable audience, and even though these vloggers are talking about beauty, they are allowing teenage girls to feel a sense of community and acceptance. BeautyCon LA was completely targeted at Generation Z, and for the first time ever I felt…well really old.

Created by Fashion Blogger GypSeaLemonade

Photo By: Gabriela Tena

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