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Dr. Meleeka Clary’s Journey Through Psychology, Film, and Empowerment

Remarkable clinical psychologist, filmmaker, and podcast presenter Dr. Meleeka Clary is at the crossroads of psychology and entertainment, creating stories that cut beyond convention. Her journey, characterized by tenacity and devotion, demonstrates a determination to improve the lives of others. After starting her career as an office manager in 1998, Dr. Clary’s path led her to become deeply committed to counseling. Her work at the Hilderbrand Shelter and Inn Transition

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Legal Frameworks and Social Change: How to Fight Against Discrimination

Discrimination is a pervasive issue that affects people of all races, genders, and economic backgrounds around the world. These situations occur far more frequently than we would want, from unequal access to educational opportunities to employment terminations owing to prejudices or workplace bullying based on orientation or identity. In the fight against discrimination, embracing equity is paramount to creating legal frameworks that promote fairness and justice for all individuals. But

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The Fashionography: A Commitment to Fashion and Social Change

As one of the pinnacles of self-expression, fashion has always intersected with social change, movements, and politics. From suffragettes wearing white to protests against fur and animal testing, fashion has a long history as a vehicle for sending powerful messages and making important statements. Today, this intersection between fashion and social issues is more prominent than ever before, and many fashion platforms and agencies are using their platform to highlight

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