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Robert Williams w/ wife Suzanne Williams
(from left to tight) Kenny Sharf, Ed Ruscha, Robert William, and Greg Escalante
Robert Williams Sculpture 2
Jeff Ramirez
Sergio Garcia
Jeff Soto

The Present, The Future and The Past of Juxtapoz Magazine Comes Together @ Its 20 Year Anniversary w/ Founder Robert Williams

Saturday evening, February 21st, was an action-packed house at The LA Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park. Artists from all over joined forces to celebrate the Juxtapoz 20 Years Under The Influence Exhibition. The cause was to commemorate Juxtapoz Magazine 20 Year Anniversary, founded by artist Robert Williams in 1994. If you don’t know Robert Williams, watch his documentary Mr. Bitchin. He is an unavoidable part of the Art World, not only with his own art, but with the influence he’s had to promote artists. Many artists that we know today wouldn’t be where they are without Robert Williams and Juxtapoz Magazine. The Exhibition involved all different shapes, materials, and styles of ‘art’ from artists such as Margaret Keane, Shepard Fairey, and Ed Ruscha. This list of names doesn’t even do justice to all of the artist that took a part in Juxtapoz 20 Years Under The Influenc. There was also lots of Robert Williams older pieces from when he used to work with Zap Comics and Coochy Cooty.

In This Picture Below, You can Find Some Art World Legends
(from left to right) Kenny Sharf, Ed Ruscha, Robert William, and Greg Escalante
(from left to tight) Kenny Sharf, Ed Ruscha, Robert William, and Greg Escalante

On top of reminiscing the evolution of Juxtapoz, Robert Williams treated us with his new Exhibition SLANG Aesthetics!, which will mark the first time Williams has debuted in Los Angeles in ages. The term for the exhibition is stated in the picture below,

SLANG Aesthetics! features 25 new oil paintings by the artist alongside a suite of drawings and a series of large-scale sculpture

Both Exhibitions are being presented and curated by Thinkspace and Copro Gallery. This was the perfect timing to release SLANG Aesthetics!, because while we reflect upon the 20 Years of Juxtapoz Magazine, we can move forward into the future with Robert Williams new art pieces. You owe it to yourself to stop by these two exhibitions, to pay homage to Art.


Exhibition Dates: February 22 to April 19, 2015 from Thursday through Sunday, noon to 5:00 p.m.; First Fridays, noon to 9 p.m. FREE at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park

Photo By: Gloria Plascencia

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