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Non-Alcoholic Retailer Boisson Opens Their First Los Angeles Location

Launched in 2021 in NYC by Co-Founders Nick Bodkins and Barrie Arnold, Boisson was born with the mission of providing non-alcoholic spirits to consumers in a welcoming, judgment-free zone that sparks curiosity. Since then, the company has rapidly expanded its retail footprint across New York City to total of five retail stores. Beloved by celebrities, wellness-minded consumers, and the sober-curious alike, Boisson offers more than 125 NA (non-alcoholic) brand options including Kin Euphorics, Ghia, Katy Perry’s De Soi, Blake Lively’s Betty Buzz and many others. “The demand for non-alcoholic beverages has grown significantly over the last year and we are excited to use these funds to expand our presence and begin partnering with restaurants and hospitality organizations,” says Nick Bodkins, CEO & Co-Founder of Boisson.

Boisson’s plans for massive retail expansion in Los Angeles and opened its first West Coast location in Brentwood, CA (11762 San Vicente Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90049) with two more locations to follow in Studio City and Beverly Hills. the brand is also debuting a new on-premise arm of its business, which will level up mocktail menus and NA offerings at restaurants and hotels across the country and further tap into the rising NA industry. With the NA market reaching $3.3B in sales in 2021, the projected growth of +31% by 2024 according to IWSR data, and celebrities like Zac Efron, Bella Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez touting alcohol-free lifestyles as the new fountain of youth, more millennial and gen z consumers are clamoring for elevated NA spirit, wine, and beer brands, bottle shops, and bars.


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