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New Trend Alert: Replenish your Body with IV Hydration Therapy from the Beverly Hills Concierge


I left a piece of my heart at Coachella. Literally a piece must have gone missing because I was feeling off after fully indulging in a four day party-hoping pinky-licking no-eating open-bar ragefest in the desert. With over a thousand emails in my inbox (fuckkkkkkk) and zero energy to dive back to reality, I was desperate to find some normalcy in my life. A good friend (the internet) suggested getting an IV – which I’ve always wanted to try – so I booked an appointment at Beverly Hills Concierge with Dr. Ehsan Ali. Taking your typical IV filled with saline solution, Dr. Ali’s suggests the Myers Cocktail with added magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C, B12 and B Complex to help boost vitality, hydration, recovery and overall wellness. The whole process took only 45 minutes and I felt amazing! The nurse explained that many patients came in for IV treatments before traveling because of jet-lag or if they were feeling under the weather. In addition to being the ultimate hangover cure, Dr. Ali’s IV Hydration is specially formulated to help revitalize skin, hair, energy levels and can even cure those day-after Neon Carnival bags under your eyes. I normally hate these bullshit celebrity health fads but this is one craze I can get behind and will be using (regularly if I was rich AF). Do yourself a favor and just give IV Hydration a try, it may not fix all your problems (rent is due ahhhhhh) but it will definitely give your system a boost after a big weekend. #maskoff

Written by JonSnowlovesPizza


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