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Marie Claire Honors the Creative Talent Behind the Biggest Names in Hollywood at Inaugural Image Maker Awards

On January 12, Marie Claire hosted the inaugural Image Maker Awards honoring the creative talent behind the biggest names in Hollywood. The event, which took place in Los Angeles, was the pinnacle of a year-long multi-platform franchise recognizing the behind-the-scenes stylists, artists, and gurus who help their A-list clients create signature looks, set trends and influence the style conversation. The Presenters for the evening included Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Kristen Stewart, Lupita Nyong’o, Nina Garcia, and Carrie Brownstein and the honorees featured in this months issue included Adir Abergel (Choice Hair Stylist), Tracey Cunningham (Detail Maker), Jillian Dempsey (Choice Makeup Artist), Micaela Erlanger (Choice Stylist), Sir John (Social Media Star), and Jenn Streicher (New Guard). The Image Maker Awards were presented by L’Oréal Paris and in partnership with AG Jeans.

In addition to the Los Angeles event, the Image Makers are featured in Marie Claire’s February 2016 issue, now on newsstands. The issue is notable for another reason: To date, it is the most-profitable issue in the magazine’s history. To learn more about the Image Maker list, and join the conversation, follow the hashtag #MCImageMakers and Marie Claire on social media.

Photo By: Getty Images for Marie Claire

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