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Make 2017 A Tennis Year With the Tennis Clubs of LA

At the beginning of the year people set fitness goals and by about February/March most people have already quit. In LA there is no shortage of fitness centers and gyms to join with each offering many different methods to stay in shape. Yet, as James Bond said in Skyfall, “sometimes the old ways are the best” and improving fitness levels through sport is still one of the most effective, and more importantly fun ways, to stay healthy.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in LA because of accessibility and the warm climate. In this article we will look at three tennis clubs that you could sign up to in order to kick start your year of being healthy.

Beverly Hills Tennis Club

In their list of the top tennis courts in LA, The Hollywood Reporter put the Beverly Hills Tennis Club at number one. The recently refurbished club was founded in 1929 making it one of the oldest clubs in LA. The club is known as a low key and quiet place to play away from the busy parks. Unlike many alternatives in LA that branch out into other fitness areas, the Beverly Hills Tennis Club is exclusively about tennis and tennis only. If your wondering if any celebrities play then The Hollywood Reporter informs that Justin Timberlake is a member.

The Toluca Lake Tennis & Fitness

If you are looking for the most popular place play in LA, then The Toluca Lake Tennis & Fitness was named this year the Daily News Readers Choice for best health and fitness club for the second year running. Founded in 1974 the tennis club has become one of Los Angeles’ most popular tennis and fitness clubs due to its specialized services and location next to Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. The Daily News reports that previous famous members include “Bob Hope, Johnny Carson and Farrah Fawcett.” It is also a great place to learn to play and to potentially see some stars.

Los Angeles Tennis Center

For those looking to play tennis without having to fork out the big bucks, the Los Angeles Tennis Center on the UCLA Campus is one of the most affordable tennis courts, according toCBS Los Angeles. The well-maintained hard courts are situated on the university campus so reservations are essential to ensure that you get a place. Unlike most clubs there are no professionals to assist with lessons, but the relaxed atmosphere make it a great place to play and have fun.

If you’re in need of some of celebrity inspiration to play tennis then Play Your Court published an article entitled ‘10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Played Tennis’. The list includes pictures of a young Brad Pitt and Dakota Fanning, as well as demonstrating other celebrities’ love of the game. If you made 2017 the year that you were going to get in shape but are still finding it hard to keep to that promise then tennis is a great way to exercise. It is a good cardio workout that trains all the muscles and most importantly it is a fun way to lose weight compared to endless hours on the treadmill (read this article).

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