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Lil Yachty’s Throwed an Epic Food Fight in honor of the release of Teenage Emotions

Nautica threw a party of epic proportions to honor their creative designer Lil Yachty’s album release of “Teenage Emotions”, which debuted the next day on May 26th. Yachty came straight from his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live down the street. 600 fans/VIPs attended the prom-inspired party, held at the Loew’s Hollywood, and took home custom Nautica/Lil Yachty screen printed t-shirts, a Nautica string back pack, the physical copy of “Teenage Emotions”, as well as faux rainbow grills. Yachty performed several of his songs, alongside the Sailing Team, while fans grooved along, while also enjoying Yachty’s favorite foods, pizza & hotdogs. Yachty ended his concert by standing on the buffet table and yelling food fight before exiting the building (Watch Video HERE).


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