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How to Keep Your Sex Life Exciting During Lockdown

Couples nowadays rarely have the time for themselves, but what if they have too much time on their hands? This government-mandated lockdown has given most families the time to spend time with each other. This gives them the opportunity to take a break from their busy schedule and focus on things at home. But this can also be a reason for tension since let’s face it: being stuck at home most of the day can make something as exciting as sex seem like a chore.

Here are some ways to keep things interesting during a lockdown:

1. Mix Things Up

This is probably the most important tip – making changes. We often fall into routines that are familiar and convenient to us that we fail to try new things and miss the opportunities that could have been gold. In sex, making a few changes will help you make things interesting.

Since being in a lockdown 24/7 gives you a lot of time to stay at home, why not use that time to do it. Do it at any time and anywhere. I’m sure when you first started going out, you just can’t get enough of each other so time is just a concept and the place – well let’s just say that the danger of being caught is the point of excitement. When you have an issue with ED, make time to prepare yourself. It’s best that you read up on bluechew here to know what suits you. It’s important that you come to perform, brewing for excitement is only half the battle, the ability to perform at a high level at any given moment is key.

2. Maximize Foreplay

You’ve got nowhere to go since you’re on lockdown so don’t be in a hurry. The sex should be as enjoyable as the orgasm. You shouldn’t be gunning for the prize all the time, you should enjoy every moment of intimacy. When we always had somewhere to go we always have the finishing line in sight, now that we’re in a lockdown let’s focus on other things as well.

Foreplay is also about the other senses that stimulate the organ between your ears. Give the right amount of attention to those things to help you get a better experience. You can watch porn, talk dirty, fang in some scented candles, or lock eyes while you’re pleasuring each other.

3. Ban Stuff in the Bedroom

Right now, we are banned from many things that we enjoy and this makes us crave it all the more. So let’s do that in the bedroom – try to avoid the stuff that you normally do when you’re intimate. This can be prohibiting your go-to positions or if you’re going to stretch it ban penetration altogether for a week and play with the other senses. The rules are arbitrary so think of things that will make you go crazy in the bed if you’re banned from doing it. Banning certain positions forces you to try new ones that have long been an interest to you. Also, not going for penetration helps you focus on the other aspects of sex and reach orgasm from different avenues.

4. Toys ‘R Useful

Don’t be shy about letting some gadgets into your bedroom. You can opt to have solo toys and use it while performing a show to your partner or you can select from a wide array of options something that both of you can enjoy.

5. Games and Role Playing

Don’t be too serious about everything. Play with your imaginations and see where it leads you. Putting on a show while in costume is one way to spice things up. Wearing the costumes and putting up props from your favorite show or re-enact provocative scenes will help you engage each other sexually on a different plane. You can also go full-on birthday suit while doing normal stuff in the house (perhaps an apron is a good idea when you’re cooking) can be a great tease and can spark up a quickie real “quick”. You can also play with adult board games and make some sexy acts as consequences for the loser.

You don’t really need to be a guru to be able to make things interesting during a lockdown. What is required though, is that you’re committed to making your sexy time enjoyable for both of you. When we are with the same partner for a long time, we inevitably fall into a sexual lull. And coupled with a lockdown we are faced with a challenge that is quite rare, so we must make most of our time by re-igniting the passion in our love nest.


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