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How Open Relationships Really Work?

Experiencing love, romance, and sexual intimacy should be integral and central at one point in one’s life. The conventional relationships between males and females, that were for a long time defined by societal and religious expectations have evolved and changed. Now, you can get into a relationship – pick one from a long list of options – not because you are expected to, but because you value and prioritize your happiness and well being. Nowadays, you don’t even have to worry about what that nosy neighbor will say when you go on a hot romantic date with a stranger while your spouse sits back at home.

Monogamous relationships are rapidly changing into non-monogamous and non-exclusive both romantically and sexually. An open relationship can be a gateway through which an amazing world of love, romance, sex, and fantasies are explored and satisfied.

Having said that, how do open relationships work?

It’s About Breaking Out Of Those Fetishes

Imagine a relationship that lets you realize all those fetishes, all those fantasies, and kinks that might gross out or turn off your partner. That sounds satisfying, right? If your partner isn’t as liberal as you are, or you need a boost of spice in your primary relationship, an open relationship might work perfectly for you. According to the experts at Cuckin, having a secondary relationship will give you a golden opportunity to become what you’ve always longed to be. Coupled with a similar or a more liberal stranger, you can remodel your love and sex life, give you more intimacy, sex, orgasms, sexual exploration, and satisfaction. However, one rule remains steadfast, always practice safe sex and any other related activity whenever you are getting the groove on with your secondary partner.

Communication Is Key

Open relationships are similar to conventional relationships, especially on the topic of communication. Having an open and clear line of communication from the word go will ensure that your existing relationship stays intact. Similarly, it’s equally important to communicate with your partner when you feel it’s the right time to introduce another partner into your circle. However, you need to keep in mind that your partner might not be as open and liberal to the concept of an open relationship, let alone the idea of it – blame the traditional default settings for that.

Let The Agreements Guide You

In whatever type of relationship, it’s better to have agreements than have rules and boundaries. Agreements are fluid and can be renegotiated to suit the needs of all the parties involved. For instance, you, as a couple, can have fantasies and sessions of role-playing while your secondary partner is into BDSM. Don’t fret, you can find a common ground to incorporate all those fetishes for maximum satisfaction. Setting some ground rules is also a piece of equipment to avoid any unruliness and chaos that might plague the relationship.

Consent Is The Magic Word

In the definition, an open relationship is consensual and mutual between you and your partner. Don’t get another partner or get involved in another relationship before you notify your partner. If you go ahead without their consent, then you will be cheating and by this, putting your relationship in jeopardy and hurting your partner in the process. If your partner doesn’t consent to have a unicorn – an extra partner – then you can consider breaking up and following your heart.

One in every four people has been in one form of an open relationship at one point in their lives. That’s how common open relationships have become. So, you longing to be in one, and enjoying yourself fully shouldn’t be just a dream. Out there are partners who’d be willing to be your unicorn. Search for them and spread the love!


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