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Reasons Why You Might Need to Use Standing Desks

While profit generation and productivity in the office are an entrepreneur’s biggest area of focus, none of that may be possible without a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment. These days, standing desks are increasingly becoming a popular option for offices that need to boost employee morale by improving comfort, health, and safety. This is because long periods of sitting in the office are associated with a myriad of health risks, from neck pain to back pain and even chronic illnesses.

As you can tell from the name, standing desks are desks that allow you to work while you stand. Many standing desks feature an adjustable height to allow the user to work while sitting or standing with the computer screens at their preferred height. This helps minimize the time spent seating in the office, thus reducing the health risks faced by the user. As if enough hasn’t been said, here are some reasons why you might need to use a standing desk.

They Reduce the Risk of Pain from Office Work

As mentioned earlier, prolonged sitting can be a recipe for disaster. As much as it feels comfy, it can cause unbelievable havoc to your health. A majority of office workers are always complaining of a writhing back, neck pain, and shoulder pain after a long day’s work in the office. If you or some of your employees are constantly complaining of backache, excessive sitting could be the most likely reason.

As you sit for long hours on your desk, it strains the back and the muscles of the neck. It inflicts your body with physical stress that leads to chronic pain and discomfort in your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. As revealed by the folks at, you can say goodbye to these kinds of pain by switching to a standing desk if you are working from home. It will not only improve your posture and reduce the lower back strain associated with sitting but occasionally working while standing will also help relax your back and improve your overall health.

Reduces Obesity and Weight Gain

When was the last time you entered an office and found the staff working while standing? Well, these desks are just becoming popular now that many people have discovered their numerous benefits. For instance, standing while working has been shown to help burn extra calories, helping you maintain a healthy weight. If you are an entrepreneur, investing in standing desks for your office can help lower your employees’ risk of becoming overweight or obese.

Boosts Productivity

Excessive sitting not only induces laziness on an individual, but it also decreases productivity at work. A Simple habit like standing while working can bring you a significant boost in productivity at the workplace. A standing desk will do the trick and ensure your energy levels are kept in check while increasing your concentration, alertness, and focus. The standing desk has been proven to increase and improve productivity among the workers by reducing weariness. It also improves your well being and gives you better engagement with your work while delivering impressive results.

Lowers the Risk of Heart Diseases

Too much sitting while working can also increase one’s risk of suffering from heart disease. Some hours of working from a standing desk can bring immense positive benefits to your health. If your guess is as good as anyone’s, one of these benefits is that it can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It helps manage your blood pressure and cholesterol in your body. It also improves your blood circulation and minimizes the risk of blood vessel blockage. A standing desk is an excellent form of exercise, which can protect you from certain dreaded cardiovascular diseases.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

There is also evidence that working as you stand may also help decrease your chances of developing type II diabetes. Prolonged sitting is known to the blood sugar levels and insulin in the blood, which can elevate one’s chances of developing this form of diabetes over time. Moreover, using a standing desk has been proven to help in lowering blood sugar levels and keep your weight in check, thus significantly protecting you from diabetes type II.

On a parting shot, an inactive lifestyle can exceptionally work against you and cause many health-related problems over time. As you remain vigilant of your lifestyle choices, it is also important to keep your work environment in check as far as health and safety are concerned. Whether you work from home or have an office with a few staff, investing in standing desks is among the best decisions you can make. They help you stay in shape, healthy, energetic, active, and productive at work.


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