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Harmony Korine Raiders Exhibition at Gagosian Gallery

Four days before the opening of the LA Art Show in Los angeles, Harmony Korine treated this city to some stunning pieces of artwork in the form of huge canvases (about 120 x 90 inches). Harmony Korine (seen in picture above) is a cult filmmaker known for movies such as Kids and Spring Breakers. What we admire about his work in the film industry, is his talent to depict a sub-culture that flows well with the tempo and imagery of the actual film. His work has lots of consciousness behind it, displayed throughout his shocking story lines and images. We weren’t too sure how that would translate on a canvas. During his opening reception at Gagosian Gallery, owned by one the most prominent figures in the art world, Larry Gagosian, many different subcultures in Los Angeles came out in support. It was almost ironic that so many different groups relate to his work, between the skaters, the art afficianados, the LA dog lovers (yes you can bring your dog inside of the gallery) and the celebrities. In this scene, we wondered what subculture he might depict in his next film endeavor. Back to the main topic of this event, the art pieces. The canvases were breathtaking, huge, and used much more than just paint to create. Some of the paintings had a sort of paper mache look if you got close enough to them. One could look at a piece for a while and feel as one with it. Lots of big names from the art world came by, and celebrities such as Jared Leto, Heidi Klum and Leonardo Dicaprio. We assume that Heidi Klum was brought to the event by her new boyfriend, Vito Schnabel, who himself is an independent curator and art dealer. The “Haha” moment of the night was when we asked Leonardo Dicaprio to take his picture and he politely said “no thank you”. This was a couple of hours before the infamoustagram of him photobombing 50 cent. At the event, Leo probably spend a good amount of money on some pieces and could not be bothered.
Here’s a picture of him via @leowdfan from the evening –

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Photo By: Alex Sos

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