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Fast Company Hosts First-Ever LA Creativity-Counter Conference at 72andSunny

The Fast Company Magazine determine what companies are pushing the limits in their industry. They analyze thousands of businesses based on creativity, real-world impact, risk taking, and execution. This week, Fast Company hosted their Creativity-Counter Conference in Los Angles, the first time to ever take place in this city.

On the first day of the Conference, participants got to tour companies hand-selected by Fast Company that included: The Honest Company, The OWN Network, SoulPancake, Funny or Die and TOMS among many others. Guests got to take a peek at the actual company’s main quarters and really get a feel of their workflow. If you decided to go on the OWN Network tour, you would of gotten the chance to meet the boss of all bosses, Oprah Winfrey. Now tell me that is not some next level business Conference.

Everyone gathered at 72andsunny in Playa Vista on the second day to hear some powerful words from entrepreneurs and partake in some fun activities. Sheri Salata and Erik Logan, Co-Presidents of OWN, were the first to take the stage. They talked about how they are now using snapchat to reach their younger audience. Founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba followed them and talked about the future of the company and its different markets worldwide (Watch Here).

Mayor Eric Garcetti delivered a compelling speech to the audience about how our city’s government is trying to catch up with today’s technology, which saves a lot of our tax dollars. We are the number 1 city in the US and the number 2 city in the world with the most Waze users. Since Waze is a user driven mobile-app, it enables you to mark spots on the map of where cops are hiding, if there is an object on the road etc. Eric Garcetti is using Waze to fix areas in Los Angeles. For example, if a user marks that a tree fell down and is blocking the road, our government can use Waze to be alerted sooner therefore fixing it in a timely manner. Our Mayor is making many other proactive decisions such as enforcing carpooling (which creates less traffic), adding more trash related services, and helping the homeless. He even made the bold statement that we will be the first city in America to use body cameras on every single officer on duty. Eric Garcetti is using new approaches to fix some of Los Angeles’s biggest obstacles.

The day continued with guest speakers from SoulPancake, Reading Rainbow, and Funny or Die. Some fun activities took place and we even got to eat amazing food selected from one of the four Food Trucks presents. The fact that Fast Company felt the need to bring their Creativity-Counter Conference in Los Angeles, and have such a vast amount of reputable companies get on board proves that it is truly an prosperous time to live in Los Angeles.

Photo By: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Fast Company

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