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Dress Like a Celeb: How to Incorporate Designer Labels Into Your Style

Wondering how people pull off designer clothing? Read this awesome guide on how to incorporate designer labels into your style.

Designer clothing is the secret sauce that makes celebrities shine on the red carpet. You may not have the bank account of a celebrity but you can have designer labels on a budget.

The key to upgrading your style to include high-end fashion is understanding what pieces to invest in and which to avoid. Check out this quick guide to incorporating designer labels into your style.

Timeless Pieces

When buying designer clothing on a budget, always look for classic styles that can work for a variety of outfits. Seasonal trends should be avoided because they will soon go out of style.

Handbags, belts, shoes, and other accessories are a good start. Designer accessories can easily be worn with a variety of outfits and styles across seasons and design trends.

Go bold when using designer accessories to broaden your style. Bright scarves, colorful sunglasses, and metallic belts make a statement over the simplest tops and bottoms.

Outerwear is also a good place to start. In colder climates, a nice designer coat goes a long way since you spend most of the days during winter bundled up.

These timeless pieces will help you stretch your budget while getting the look you want.

Find Your Fit

Designer labels run small. The upside, however, is that when you find a designer who creates clothes that fit your body type, the materials are often high quality.

Heavier fabrics mean hiding flaws in your figure and making you look amazing in styles you might not usually wear. Always try on designer labels before making a financial commitment.

Boutiques often have more strict return policies making it more beneficial to use fitting rooms in-store or review return policies before purchase. Online retailers, like SSENSE, offer similar return policies but give you far more options to choose from than a brick and mortar boutique.

Look for designer labels that enhance your personality, not give you a new one. If you typically wear dark colors, look for brands that create a variety of looks in dark colors.

If you love bold, feminine prints, look for designers who offer lots of floral and paisley options. Fashion designers are artists. They each have a style they do well and it adds to your comfort to get a look that flatters your personality.

Too Much Flair

Guard against splurging on dresses and skirts that show to much flair. These items can only be worn once in a while which means getting less bang for your buck.

Red carpet pieces are tempting but draw lots of attention and instantly raise the bar on your style. Unless you can afford a hot new designer look every day, start small and gradually add to your wardrobe over time to build a consistent look.

If your current style is conservative, consider only adding accessories and an occasional pair of bright colored shoes until you fully upgrade your style. Think of practical pieces you can wear every day that makes you feel confident.

The Answers to Incorporating Designer Labels

Finding designer labels that work for your body type and budget is a treat. Flattering clothing adds a spark to your appearance that makes you feel red carpet ready every day.

For more information on red carpet style, check out event coverage on our blog.


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