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Don’t Know What to Wear? Here’s Our Cruise Clothing Packing List!

It’s time for a vacation, but what should you wear? If you’re at a loss on what to pack, check out our cruise packing list to make sure you pack the essentials.

Almost 30 million people embark on cruises every year. Given that the total number of people that go on vacation annually is 100 million, cruise travel makes up about 33% of the American population’s travel plans.
How have cruises managed to dominate such a big sector of the travel/leisure market? In short, because they rock!

Live entertainment, buffets, world travel… No matter what you’re looking for on your vacation, cruises hand-feed it to you. All you have to worry about when taking a cruise is what clothes you’re going to pack.

Our brief cruise packing list below will help you with this decision!

1. Your Bathing Suit

This cruise packing list suggestion is a must! Whether you’re going to be swimming at beaches that you dock at or you plan to dip in any of the multiple pools onboard, arm yourself with an awesome bathing suit.

Don’t have a bathing suit that screams, “Look at me, I’m on vacation”? No problem! Most cruise ships sell to-die-for bathing suits in their gift shops.

2. Formal Attire

Cruises aren’t all about fun in the sun. Some of the best moments on a cruise ship are had while dining at a fine restaurant or while enjoying a Broadway-caliber show.

To make sure that you don’t stand out in the wrong ways while enjoying your ship’s more formal settings, be sure to pack attire that’s appropriate for a special event. Note that some cruise ships might have dress codes for some of their restaurants, so be sure to inquire before you set sail.

3. Comfortable Shoes

Some cruise ships are over 1,000 feet long which means that you’re going to be walking a lot to get between pools, dining rooms, gift shops and the other places on board. Not to mention that you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking when you dock at your destination(s).

To make sure that your feet don’t start screaming for mercy, pack those ultra-comfy sandals, Crocs, Sketchers or any other shoes that don’t make you feel like you’re walking on LEGOs.

4. A Sweater

You book a few fun, tropical Bermuda cruises for everybody to enjoy, you hop on board your ship thinking that you’re going to enjoy warm weather and suddenly, you realize that nighttime on the ocean can be freezing no matter where you are.

During moments like these, you’re going to need a sweater. Unless you want to pay $50.00 for the ones that they sell in the gift shop, make sure that you pack one from home.

Closing Out Our Cruise Packing List

There are, of course, other packing essentials that you’ll want to make bring in addition to our suggestions including sunscreen, sunglasses and casual wear. What we’ve talked about are things that we see travelers forget the most and when they do, it puts a serious damper on their fun.

We hope that our cruise packing list helps you to fill out your suitcase just right and we welcome you to check out more of the event-oriented content on our website!


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