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CTRL Collective’s Haunted Carnival Shows VR in a New Light

Last week, CTRL Collective opened their doors to unveil their Haunted Carnival event, an open space where the lines between Halloween party, VR showcase and carnival were blurred. The self-dubbed “creative campus,” which has locations in Denver, as well as several throughout Southern California including Downtown and Pasadena, held this event in Playa Del Rey.

Upon initial entrance into the night, guests (most of which came dressed in costume) had to make their way through the “haunted house,” which operated more as a short, fun welcome to the theme than a scare-fest. The real night began upon reaching the end (a minute max), as everyone attending found themselves thrust into a fog-filled hallway, gorgeously lit by neon art lining the walls. Turn the corner at the end, and you find yourself in the main room, a sprawling, functional entanglement of people caught between the wide assortment of entertainment options available.

CTRL Collective clearly did not skimp out on anything putting together the function, as guests could choose between a plethora of things to do throughout the night. 12 VR experiences, including AFFECTED – The Manor or Obscura could be entertained. Want to sit down and watch something? Head on over to the 360 Degree Dome theatre. In a carnival mood? This is a carnival after all – traditional games, alongside VR options were also available. Want to dance? After projecting a VR dance world in the main room, the space was quickly converted to a dance floor, with a DJ spinning tunes all night.

That’s not even all. After being served by a costumed cast at the open bar (yes, I said open bar), those interested in viewing some art could head on over to the art gallery present on the space, beautifully lit with more neon signs and curated with meticulous, colored detail. Food trucks were right nearby for the empty stomachs present, featuring bites from Kogi BBQ, Recess Ice Cream, Jogasaki, and Son of a Bun. Afterwards, you could head over to NextVR’s highly immersive ‘VR theatre,’ showcasing Paranormal Evidence. Oh, did I forget to mention the free popcorn and cotton candy handed out all night long?

This night felt like one of those stereotypically new wave youth gatherings that many associate Los Angeles with. With all of the extravagant detail that went into the night, it’s safe to say that we will be highly anticipating the next similar event put on by CTRL Collective. We will make sure to let you know when it arrives because you do not want to miss it.


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