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Behind the Music: Four Audio Mastering Engineers Worth Knowing

Mastering engineering is the cornerstone of any record production. Mastering engineers are considered to be the unsung heroes of music production; they are the masters behind every record and track you love regardless of their genres. These engineers leave their mark and signature on any track they process. Once you start paying attention to how great and important this process is, you will start recognizing every engineer’s work easily. Some heroes’ names are worth to be remembered for the beautiful work they did on tracks that we love and still enjoy to this day. Some of the names that are going to be mentioned in this article are on top of their game, yet, they can be afforded by small and amateur musicians who are still trying to begin their music career.

Jeremy Cox

If you are interested in the electronic scene with its fascinating different types of music, then you will be excited to get to know this mastering engineer, or maybe use his mastering skills for your next musical ventures. At Jeremy Cox Mastering, they managed to mix and master a huge number of different tracks; from electronic, rap, R&B, to experimental music with a pop twist. Now, they offer others the opportunity to do so as well. What really separates this engineer from others in his field is his grasp and understanding of the music theory and the origin of electronic and experimental music.

Rashad Becker

While some mastering engineers focus only on the technical part of mastering tracks, other people see more into the process. In the electronic scene, there is a name that is considered to be a synonym for sonic brilliance and it’s Rashad Becker mastering engineer who managed to turn the whole mastering process into a piece of art. This artist, musician, composer, and master has credits on over 1,600 tracks in different genres such as techno, house, and dub. Yet, he is still considered to be one of the few mastering engineers who turn the whole mastering process into a work of art rather than only focusing on the technical part.

Bob Katz

The brilliant Bob Katz isn’t only a Grammy award-winner mastering engineer, he is also the writer of ‘Mastering Audio’. This book explores the techniques on how you can learn to master your own records if you are interested to become a mastering engineer yourself. This book is the result of his great experience in the industry. Bob Katz has managed to master three Grammy-winning albums. He has worked with big names such as Dizzy Gillespie, Emmy Lou Harris, and Winton Marsalis.

Emily Lazar

You might think that this field is and will always be dominated by males, but Emily Lazar and many other female mastering engineers have managed to change this idea forever. Foo Fighters’ album ‘Wasting Light’ has been nominated to be ‘Album of The Year’ with Lazar, who managed to be the first female producer, being nominated for the Grammys. The famous song ‘Chandelier’ was also nominated the year after in the same category because of Lazar’s hard work. Lazar has worked with big names such as the awesome David Bowie, queen Beyoncé, and even the famous Tiesto. Even though Lazar has mastered the technical part of producing and mastering records, she takes a more artistic approach with her work to create a more interesting and creative experience.

Top-level mastering work is often affordable and available for young artists, regardless of how famous mastering engineers are. These great mastering engineers are only an example of how the art of mastering and producing can make or break any record. Music enthusiasts have taken an interest in educating themselves in the process, while musicians and artists are known to focus more on this aspect of the music production to be able to create flawless tracks that the public enjoys.


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