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Artist Tristan Eaton Reveals Mural at the Aster Members Club Saluting Tinseltown Groundbreakers

LA native and iconic multidisciplinary artist Tristan Eaton unveiled his newest contribution to the cityscape on Thursday, August 25th, 2022, in a heartwarming display of community and support. The ribbon cutting and reception radiated the very enthusiasm for Los Angeles and the deep-rooted appreciation for its history that the mural itself was created to express. In attendance, were Judy Garland’s family, daughter and actress Lorna Luft and Garland’s granddaughter Vanessa Richards and two great-grandsons. Luft was impressed, and happy to see Judy represented in her adult phases. She also mentioned how great it was that Sidney Poitier and Garland sit high in the sky together because they were friends and appreciated each other very much.

With mutual adoration abounding, Eaton was honored by the City of Los Angeles via representatives from Mitch O’Farrell’s office and the Hollywood Chamber, each providing their own certificates of recognition. Eaton’s own family was in attendance as well as the greater Los Angeles art community, contributing to a warm and welcoming feel. Fueled by pride for the city and joyful nostalgia, guests were ushered upstairs as they sipped Calirosa Tequila, Rosaluna Mezcal, and Topo Chico, while eating legendary Randy’s Donuts and enjoying the soundtrack provided by DJ NuMark. From the lowrider in the parking lot to the screening room with a video by Matt Easton, the party took the theme of LA to heart. And of course, it wouldn’t be a true LA gathering without notable attendees like Everest, CRYPTIK, Artist Chase, RABI, Shantell Martin, and Estevan Oriol, all of whom enjoyed a pure celebration of this wonderful city and the 5-story love letter Eaton has created.


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