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ArtCubedLA Presents Our City’s Hottest New Hype Feast: ARTXFOOD

It’s no secret…Los Angeles is a city that is known for it’s outstanding art and food scenes. Sure, you’ve probably been to that new exhibition at one of our world renowned museums, that trendy gallery opening, and that hot new restaurant…But it’s #veryrare and extra special when the two worlds of art and food collide to create an immersive visual and culinary experience. Add some excellent lighting into the mix and you get ArtCubedLA, our city’s most instagram worthy new event series, shaking things up with experiences you can touch, feel, taste, and share — now that’s what I call good #art and #content.
The women led curators of culture behind ArtCubedLA are kicking things off with ARTXFOOD; a month-long event held at Goya Studios, Hollywood, from now through June 3, 2018, featuring LA-based artist Greg Ito and Chef Richard Blais. Ito was commissioned to create his transformative exhibition, Hallowed Ground, which serves as the backdrop for Richard Blais’s unique four-course culinary experience. The meal draws inspiration from Ito’s installations, creating a completely unique synergy of art and food, a “Hype Feast” if you will…Artcubed’s custom cubed structure houses a 56 seat supper club for two seatings a night, Tuesday through Sunday. Tickets for ARTXFOOD are available HERE.


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