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4 Ways You Can Mix and Match Jewelry Better With Your Desired Outfit

Having a perfect style doesn’t mean that you should only focus on finding the right outfit. Although that’s one of the steps that must be taken, you should also pay attention to the jewelry you’re going to put too.

It’s all about combining a great piece of jewelry with your clothes. Even though it may be overwhelming at first, in time, you will get to know your style better and will quickly figure out how to mix and match.

There are so many things to consider, starting from the type of ring you’re going to put to the watch or bracelet of your choosing. It’s not as complicated as it may seem to be, however, if you’re not sure how to do it, check out these outstanding suggestions!

Cool Tips To Improve Your Look

It’s All About The Occasion

It totally doesn’t make sense to wear the same type of jewelry for every single occasion. There are some things that should be distinguished. For instance, if you are going to the club, you are probably going to put something that is striking and bold.

On the other hand, if you are going to church, you should definitely choose something more subtle and less conspicuous. Furthermore, having wrist jewelry while you are working on the computer is also obviously a bad idea.

So, we hope you get the point. Therefore, you have to ensure that anything you choose will be appropriate for the places you go to, things that you do, etc. Just keep in mind that there’s such a thing as inappropriate jewelry for the event.


One of the most important tips when it comes to this topic revolves around layering. Jewelry gurus at suggest that you should do it with ease. Start by analyzing the size and thickness of the ornaments you’re about to wear.

For example, you can pile up the necklaces by combining the shorter pieces with the longer ones. Further, heavier examples should be layered with the slimmer bracelets. No matter what you decide to do, just make sure not to exaggerate.

As people have the tendency to say “the less is more”. In this case, it means that you should put too many items on yourself. Sometimes being is simple can leave a much better impression than loading too many things.

Anything Else To Consider?

Change The Earrings

Yes, we know that most women easily get attached to one pair of earrings and tend to wear them all the time, but that’s a habit that should be eliminated. Why is this so important? Changing them meaning that you are experimenting with your style and are not afraid to be bold.

On the other hand, those that you are constantly wearing are probably too dirty, so it wouldn’t hurt if you gave them a proper clean! Picking the right pair of earrings usually depends on your outfit.

Those who are more into casual things can always opt for tiny stud earrings, while if you are more prone to elegant outfits, or you are simply attending a special event, then dangle earrings are an amazing choice!

One of the steps that you should take towards this change is to open up your jewelry box to see what you haven’t worn for a certain period of time. If you do not find anything interesting in particular, feel free to purchase a new pair!

Your Body

Confidence is extremely important no matter what you do. Luckily, fashion is one of those things that can greatly improve it. How can you do it? Start by choosing the outfit that perfectly fits your figure.

A piece of clothing that you are able to carry off smoothly. Now, one of the things that can drastically affect your appearance in a positive way is precisely an astonishing ornament. Find the right size of each piece to create an unforgettable look.

Generally speaking, if you are relatively short and thin, then a dainty, delicate piece of accessory would be a nice addition to your outfit. On the other hand, if you are quite tall or have a little bit of excess weight, then chunkier and bigger jewelry is probably the best option. Of course, it doesn’t mean that these are the strict rules, just some kind-hearted suggestions.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself. You have the freedom to do whatever you want with the things you own. If you are a jewelry lover then that’s even better because you can easily improve your outfit in so many ways. We hope that these tips have helped you make some wise decisions.


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