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Want to Get Rid of an Old Car? Here are Your Options

Being in a situation where you find yourself wanting to sell a car that is not running is really a difficult one. There is a part in you that you know you are left with only a few real options. Selling an old car is a pretty inaccurate science and the prices may extremely vary depending on the method you use and how persistent you are in selling, and even though you manage to sell your car, one thing is sure; you will not really be able to take as much money as compared if the car is in excellent shape. No matter what, you have to make sure you are honest about telling what is wrong with your car. So what are the options if you want to get rid of an old car?

Placing an Ad

When you are asking yourself about how to sell a car that doesn’t run, the most basic option is to place an ad in any form of media such as paper or online and offer to sell the car for parts. The interest that this generates may take you by surprise and expect to hear some really low offers from people that want the car for additional parts. There are a lot of classified ads online such as Craigslist, eBay, and many others to consider as a place to post your ad.

Repair the Car

You may want to consider repairing your car. The cost of repairing the car would be worth the additional profit you would get since you would be able to sell a functional car.


Another option to consider is scrapyards or junkyards. There are a lot of scrapyards that will buy your car to tear it apart and sell parts back to auto repair stations or private parties. Take note that all scrapyards want to profit and will not buy your car if they think that they cannot do so. You might not really earn a lot from this, but most junkyards will tow your car for you, but if you can drive it yourself, you will get far more cash for it.

Sell Parts of your Car

Another option that you can do is to part out the vehicle yourself and removing all the functional parts with the intention of selling them by piece. You should be aware that this requires effort, a place to store the car and its parts. By selling your car in this manner, you may generate the most profit out of it, but you also have to deal with a great amount of work since you will be the one to eventually sell metal to scrapyards to make it worth it.

Donate the Car

If all else fails, and you really have to get rid of it, you can always choose to donate your car. There are, in fact, benefits in donating your vehicle to charities such as being a tax write off. You can also consider donating your car to someone who really needs it.

Getting rid of your old car involves weighing all your options, knowing the pros and cons of each one, and choosing the right option for disposing of your vehicle that will fit your needs and preferences.


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