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Zelda Williams hosted the Philosophy Hope & Grace Luncheon in Honor of the #HowAreYouREALLY Campaign in which Proves that Feeling Blue is Socially Acceptable

In an Age when we keep up with each others’ lives through social media, it does seem like everyone is living the dream. Between these amazing food pictures, huge smiles, beautiful friends, one can wonder if it is acceptable to not be perfect. This is the reason why (see what I did there) we are huge supporters of the Philosophy hope & grace luncheon which honors the #HowAreYouREALLY campaign in respect of National Mental Health Month. After attending last year’s event, I was hooked on the conversation that it sparked at a dinner table surrounded by strangers part of the Los Angeles scene. Not so long ago, it was taboo for anyone in the spotlight to even speak about mental illness. Zelda Williams hosted this incredible luncheon at Fig & Olive filled with some kind hearted souls, to acknowledge that some people might not be doing as well as you think behind these huge smiles and amazing instagram pictures. Instead of asking “How Are You?,” we need to go a bit deeper and ask “How Are You Really?” to the people in our lives. Philosophy to date has raised 3 million in just three years for the community awareness topic by dedicating 1% of its U.S. net sales toward the cause through the hope and grace fund.

Photo By: Michael Bezjian/WireImage

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