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Top Ways to Easily Improve Your Legally Owned Firearms

You’ve probably wondered how you can make your firearms look as cool and multi-functional as in movies. It’s important to understand that there are certain accessories that can make your legally owned firearm completely illegal. With that in mind, there are still many options out there that can provide your gun with both functionality and aesthetic effects without affecting the legality of the firearm you own. The modularity of firearms has been developing at a rapid rate, and now it’s basically possible to mod your firearms beyond recognition. The number of choices available in the market is huge, so there is something out there for everyone. To help you avoid getting overwhelmed by the choices available, we’ll list the top ways to easily improve legally owned firearms.

Understanding the Purpose Behind Accessories

Before you begin looking for ways to enhance your rifle mechanics or handgun through accessories, you need to make sure that you have a defined goal ahead. Why exactly are you buying an accessory? Avoid buying accessories you don’t need just because they look cool. Ask yourself how it can improve your performance in the scenario you bought the gun for. Is it to improve your range while hunting game? Or is it to enhance the gun for self-defense purposes? Once you settle on the improvement you want the most, start your hunting from there.

Night Sights

Night sights, or low light, is an extremely important upgrade, especially for those who normally use their firearms at night or use them as personal defense weapons. For the latter situation, you will rest assured that your gun is efficiently operating during the night exactly as during the daylight. Sights help with the use of a material called tritium that fluoresces during the night which consequently helps in maintaining better vision during the night. There are different options you can choose from, yellow, red, orange, and green. As mentioned on, red dot sights are the most popular choice among different users. Even during the morning, night sights are still better than white dot factory sights that are usually the default option with all firearms.

Handgun Lasers

Handgun lasers are aiming devices that can be attached to handguns, usually to the accessory rail. It’s possible to use the laser with a tactical light, giving you more accuracy and a stronger sense of depth. There are some lasers that can be fitted on the grip of the handgun itself, making it easier to turn on or off. If you want to easily holster the gun without using a special holster, use a laser that grips onto the guide rod of the firearm, which makes it less bulky.

Ballistics Calculator

Ballistic calculators may not be useful in close-range functions, but they are an absolute necessity in long-range utilities. This is good for those who hunt in deserts and vast open fields where the distance between you and the target can go beyond 400 yards. There is a lot of data that you need to keep track of to accurately fire your rifles, such as wind resistance, direction, projectile mass, and many others. The old-school way of doing it would be to whip out your calculator and notebook and start a series of advanced calculations to get it figured out. Fortunately, ballistic calculators have got your back and they’ll do the most advanced calculations in no time, including spindrift and curvature. All you’ll need is to provide it with a few numbers and it will do the rest.


Triggers are often overlooked unless you come across a really bad trigger. Being comfortable with the trigger is extremely important for your own safety and others. It’s important that you have good trigger discipline to minimize the infamous accidents before you think about holding a gun in the first place. Aftermarket triggers are becoming more popular because they can add a whole new different feel to the gun. You’ll find variations that need less pressure to fire the gun, which is great for guns that can make your index finger sore while practicing. You can also add it to obtain shorter trigger resets, which means that you will be able to fire faster with semi-automatic firearms.

When you’re shopping for accessories and upgrades to your firearms, don’t get too trigger-happy and start purchasing everything that you see. Some upgrades can actually make your experience less optimal and some are outright illegal. As long as you focus on what you need while researching state laws, you should be able to land on the best upgrades that can enhance your overall experience with your firearms.


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