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The Health Benefits Of Green Drinks And Smoothies And Why They Are So Popular

Green smoothies, juices, and drinks have been trending for a while now. The question you may be asking is whether this is all just a hype that will blow over, or is there something to it? Well, we think it’s great when something that is truly healthy becomes a trend, maybe Popeye-the-sailor-man and all his spinach-guzzling was onto something?! Scientific evidence supports the popularity of the green drink and smoothie craze. However, it is also important to be aware that everything should be consumed in moderation, so be careful not to overdo it with any of your consumption habits, healthy or not. This article is going to discuss the drivers of why green drinks and smoothies are good for you and why they are popular.

A Convenient Vitamin Boost

One of the great aspects of green drinks and smoothies is the convenience they bring. It is a convenient and delicious way to get your daily dose of vitamins, in one simple drink concoction. Especially since most people do not consume adequate fruits and veggies in their typical diet. If you don’t have access to fresh green leafy vegetables, then consider adding powdered greens to your smoothies to bulk them up with the good stuff.

Here’s a list of some of the top green drink powders compared as the more convenient the food option is, the more likely you are to consume it, and this is why green drinks have become so popular recently. People are also coming up with tasty recipes, sharing them and the smoothie culture is only picking up. Gone are the days where eating greens needed to be bland, boring, and required some convincing. Now, this healthy habit can be enjoyable and ready to grab on the go. When it comes to green drinks, it’s recommended to go for the smoothie option over juices.

Not that juices are bad (Although do check the label to see what the ingredients are, this goes for smoothies too!) but sometimes the juicing process removes much of the fiber which is so good for the gut. Smoothies, however, don’t remove anything and simply blend it all up for you to drink easily.

Do You Know About Sulforaphane?

Perhaps you’ve heard of this chemical compound found in cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale). It is released to protect the plant and is very good for heart health, digestion and longevity. By consuming these types of veggies in a blended form, you are accessing more of those excellent chemicals and nutrients, more so than you might if cooking them. Studies have also found fascinating links showing a correlation between sulforaphane consumption and reduced age-related illnesses and neurological deterioration such as Alzheimer’s Disease. All the more reason to add that extra handful of green crunch to your daily blend. Famous American biochemist, Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a strong proponent of sulforaphane because of its role in reducing inflammation and longevity. She recommends putting broccoli sprouts in your smoothies because they come packed with sulforaphane.

High In Fiber

Fiber is an important element for a healthy diet, aiding gut health and digestion. Sufficient fibrous foods will help you to reduce constipation and other bowel health issues. There is a fiber found in food products like berries, apples, carrots, avocado, and nuts and seeds. Therefore making sure the green juice or smoothie you go for contains many of these fiber-rich ingredients can only benefit your overall health. Smoothies especially contain a good amount of fiber from whole foods as the process of blending the ingredients retains all the nutrients, as mentioned earlier, you might find some of the beneficial elements get eliminated through the process of juicing. Green powders also contain the right amount of fiber needed to maintain a healthy system. Here it ultimately comes down to your preference and what works for you.

The new-ish trend of getting in your recommended daily dose of vegetables and fruits in the form of green drinks and smoothies is only gaining popularity. People appreciate the convenience and ease of consuming all that goodness in one simple drink. Many middle-income households own a blender or processor of sorts and so smoothies have become common household meals and/or drinks. Green powders and other healthy supplements also exist for you to add to your daily drink to increase its nutritional content. There are multiple health benefits that come with consuming green vegetables and fruits, but two of the biggest contributors are sulforaphane and fiber.


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