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List Of Ways You Can Help People And Kids Who Live In Poverty

Even with thousands of NGOs around the world working towards ending global hunger, millions go to sleep hungry every night. Every government in the world is trying to lower poverty rates in its jurisdiction, yet many civilians of every nation have no shelter to sleep under at night. Philanthropists are spending billions and charity programs generate just as much, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to buy ourselves freedom from poverty. While adults and the elderly might have become immune to living with barely enough, playful children who don’t even know the difference between the rich and the poor are born infected with poverty.

While fighting poverty seems like a never-ending battle, we will only lose if we surrender. As long as we are in the fight there is a chance that every move we make is inching us closer to freedom. Through modern technology, we have the ability to change the life of someone across the world. Here are some things you can do to assist those who need a helping hand.

1. Food Relief Programs

Some people are reluctant to provide monetary aid to the underprivileged as they think that the money will either go into pockets that don’t deserve it, or the people who do eventually receive will waste it on unnecessary things. If you are one such person then you might be more comfortable providing food rations. There are various food relief programs around the country and across the world that cater to all ages, demographics, and needs. You can choose a program that helps the kind of people you would like to work with, which may be the elderly who need specialized meals or infants whose mothers’ can’t provide naturally and they can’t afford supplements.

2. Donate To Religions

Some people would prefer to help a certain community or they believe that the way a certain religious leader or a religion at large is helping a community is better than the approach adopted by others. Several religious institutions across the world play a massive role in philanthropic efforts to assist the less privileged in a variety of ways. Even today missionaries are sent out by churches that consist of everyday Christians who go out of their way to invite people to the religion and offer those in need help, as a gesture of friendship and love. Many other religions have their own processes which aim to do the exact same thing, help humanity. You could donate to a religious institution that carries out these services or you could even volunteer to play an active role.

3. Fight Poverty

There is a kind of poverty known as secondary poverty. People who belong to this category actually have an income but they are always in a state of poverty because they continuously spend all of their money on addictions. These could include any and all kinds of impulsive financial decisions that they take which results in them never having money to provide for themselves the most basic of requirements such as food and shelter. If you wish to fight this kind of poverty, you could help out in law-making against certain institutions and you could advocate for tighter measures to be taken in making laws against drug abuse and other vices.

4. Educate

One of the main reasons why people are unable to get out of poverty is a lack of education. This limits their employability and it limits the things that they can do on their own in terms of business. In effect, they are caught in a circle where they can’t help themselves. You could make a huge impact on someone’s life by teaching them a skill so that they have something that they can do which can earn them money. For many children in poverty, being able to get access to free education is all that they need to escape poverty. If you don’t want to teach yourself, you could help fund schools that help those children who can’t afford a regular education.

One of the big problems with people below the line of poverty is that they tend to suffer from serious illnesses. Not that they are more prone to them, but since they don’t have the means to treat even the most basic of problems, even a simple cough can turn into a serious problem when left untreated for years or decades. Moreover, the fact that they live in conditions far less than ideal, they contract several diseases and infections and can’t afford to see a doctor. For such individuals, things such as medical camps and free access to medical professionals could be a lifesaver. This is a great way for doctors and medical staff to give back to the community. You could also play a role in this by financially assisting projects which help improve the health of the less privileged.


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