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Practical Tips That Will Help Your Business Thrive On Amazon

Amazon is a business juggernaut. From analytics to media and entertainment, to the marketplace of products, there isn’t a market or industry they haven’t tapped into and they help pass along this enormous growth of tools and help to business owners. Using Amazon as a business facilitator is a no-brainer.

Still, even with an industry behemoth in Amazon on your side, that doesn’t guarantee success. Plenty of businesses under the Amazon FBA umbrella fail because they either weren’t good, to begin with, they didn’t scale, or they didn’t use the right resources. Here are some practical tips to help thrive, rather than wilt.

Use Seller Tools

There’s no shame in looking outside your skillset to find help with your Amazon business. Using outsider seller tools is a good way to make sure that you are utilizing any and all resources at your disposal. If you look at Helium 10, you can see how 3rd-party seller tools can invigorate your business through the use of keyword metrics, data compiling, mobile support, and market tracking, among others. Seller tools are an integral part of turning your FBA business into something much bigger and better than you ever dreamed of.

Go International

The world has gone global in the eCommerce marketplace but that doesn’t mean you have – yet. Your business needs to prioritize the markets that make the most sense, and if that means a foreign and international market, then that’s where you should zero in on. Amazon will provide a selection of international markets (13 of them to be exact), which you can use to sell your products. They also provide tools to help make this an easier process with taxes and shipping, like through FBA.

Make Advertising a Priority

Obviously, the best way to increase your sales is by advertising, but this also means putting a heavy focus on it, more so than you already are in some cases. Amazon has a tool for Sponsored Products that helps boost your advertising potential for your business, and it’s a must. It’s always important to consider your business budget and your revenue, but it is also important to think about how you are losing out on customers because you aren’t being seen. The best part about the sponsored ads is that you pay for ads that are clicked on, not those that aren’t.

Offer Incentives

Selling anything is a game of psychology. It might seem easiest to offer the best prices, but competitive pricing is only one aspect of a successful business, albeit a big one. The other is to offer incentives that are about luring in customers. Don’t be shifty about it, however, and offer things that actually entice customers like free shipping. Better yet, selling through Amazon can allow you to offer Prime as an incentive for customers. This is taking advantage of an existing market piece and making it work for you.

Research Your Negative Reviews

The smart consumers who go looking for quality products and sellers will always have a keen eye for reviews. One thing that will always stick out for them is negative reviews and for a few reasons. The first is that it gives them a good idea of what may be the quarrels of other buyers, and the second is that it shows that a business may be more likely to be legitimate because they’re transparent. It’s never good to see a negative review, but the silver lining is that you too can use it as a learning resource to tinker with your services and your support to help improve operations. Always keep an eye on the negative reviews, and remove them if you need to.

Spruce Up Your Account

The last practical tip to keep in mind for improving your Amazon business is to do a quality check on your account and metrics. This means checking on how everything is running and doing a diagnostic to fix any problems related to those negative or neutral reviews. It’s also a great time to clear out old or stagnant inventory as well as checking up on inventory to make sure that you are poised for simpler seller/shipper processing.

Creating a good business isn’t as tough as it once was thanks to the support of many eCommerce marketplaces and their vast supply of resources, tools, and information, but it’s not a walk in the park. With some of these practical tips, you can help inject some life into your business or bring one to life.


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