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How To Qualify For Supplemental Security Income

Sometimes life will bring you a lot of problems and put you in all sorts and kinds of situations, all you have to do is fight back. Finding ways to help yourself can be tiring and time-consuming, but it’s necessary in order to live a good life. Thankfully, nowadays there are so many options and ways you can better your quality of life, it’s up to you to seek it out. There is no shame in wanting to change your life and help yourself, if you have an opportunity to do so, take it. So here’s how to qualify for supplemental security income!

What Is SSI?

Before you jump into it, you might want to start with researching what SSI actually stands for and how it can help you out. Basically, the SSI or the Supplemental Security Income is a federal program made in order to give financial help to the blind, people with different disabilities, and elderly people in need. In some cases the SSI is actually the only source of income the person gets, so it’s extremely important to spread the word, so more people likewise can get the same treatment and live out the life that everyone deserves. Another important thing to note is that SSI is not the same as Social Security, people can actually get them both, especially if the person’s Social Security is pretty low, they are still eligible to apply for SSI.

The Qualifications

Basically, as already mentioned the key factors that will make you an eligible candidate for SSI is if you are above the age of 65, disabled, or blind, and on top of that your resources and financial help need to be limited. So basically your marital status and income will be looked into, especially if you have an income of some sort. Also, this applies to citizens of the U.S. Keep in mind that different qualifications apply to different people, blind or disabled people are not going to qualify the same way as an elderly person who is above 65. Also, your disabled child can apply too, they just need the right medical information, history, and everything that goes with the application process, and they can get the SSI without a problem, even if they are legal adults over 18.

How To Apply

Anyone can apply for Supplemental Security Income, but not everyone will get it. Probably the best way to know that you are the right candidate is by asking the professionals, a lawfirm helping with SSI claims is your best bet. You can do the application process online or by phone, after that, you’ll need to gather all your documentation. But there is a catch, especially if you are disabled or blind, you’ll need to go to a doctor and get a diagnosis, especially if your medical history and information isn’t clear or enough to determine if you are eligible for SSI. So in some cases, you’ll have to go to a specific doctor, that’s already determined by the program, and get your diagnosis there, for free. This way the information will be cleared up, and you can continue with your application and interview process.

The Benefits

Supplemental Security Income is a great way to have enough money to pay your bills, rent, groceries, or anything you want basically – it’s a financial aid that helps a lot of people. So what are the exact benefits of SSI, or more exactly what are the numbers behind it? Approximately the monthly SSI in the recent year was around $700 or roughly over $1000 for a couple. You can actually manage to save some money and live a decent life, especially if you already have a roof over your head. Another important factor is your medical bills, are they covered by an insurance company or not? And also it all depends on your state, as it can vary from place to place, and not to mention if you are on food stamps or living in another person’s house that’s not your property – it all plays into the qualifications before you even apply for the SSI in the first place.


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