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How to Promote Your Los Angeles Landscaping Business

Any Los Angeles homeowner loves a good-looking, healthy lawn. They also love a landscaping business that knows how to promote itself and stand out among the competition. Here are five ways to promote your landscaping business to Los Angeles homeowners.

1. Conduct Market Research

Market research including homeowner surveys, research questions, and a solid business plan for your landscaping business is essential when first beginning your business. Market research allows you to understand what prices and services are expected from customers, and in turn, how to beat out the competition.

2. Reach Out to All Leads

It’s important to remember that a homeowner isn’t the only customer that will need landscaping services in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is home to a plethora of businesses, business parks, and even recreational parks that might need the help of a landscaping business. Have a dedicated team to follow up on every lead through e-mails, service numbers, or even in-person to ensure your business has the opportunity to grow.

3. Strive for Great Reviews

Make it your duty to please any homeowner, business park, or company that requests your landscaping services. Through Yelp or even Google reviews, having a positive review can greatly impact future customers who research your landscaping services.

Never resort to fake reviews. Posting fake reviews onto your website, Yelp, or Google review page can be considered fraudulent activity. Internet crime involves the use of internet websites to communicate false or fraudulent representations to consumers. If you do get a bad review, find ways to reach out to individual customers to remedy the situation.

4. Have a Functioning Website

Speaking of websites, the first thing customers including homeowners will look for is a website to provide appointment setting, customer service, and a list of options and information for landscaping services. Having a website that doesn’t function, is ill-kept, or has head-end links is never a good idea.

In fact, it takes no more than 50 milliseconds, or 0.05 seconds, for users to form an opinion about your website. If you need to hire outside help for web development, make the investment to ensure your website is in good standing.

5. Promote on Social Media

Social media is now the new norm for promoting your services. Social media can allow you to stay on top of trends, reach out to customers, and remain modern on the internet.

Make sure you promote your services daily through posts on social media websites such as Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. Also remember that your social media accounts can provide valuable information to your audiences, including homeowners. Daily blog and social media posts along with articles can help promote your business. Incorporate interesting facts into daily posts. For instance, prices on landscaping materials, or DIY tips can help. Remind your customers that for green landscaping, it is often best to use a soaker hose no more than 100 feet long.

It might seem daunting to reach out to customers. However, with the help of social media posts, online reviews, and market research, your landscaping business in the bustling neighborhoods of Los Angeles is sure to reach out to potential customers.


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