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Handy Tips That Will Keep You Safe While You Go Out Partying

Now is the perfect time of the year for most people to celebrate and go out with their friends. It’s a great chance to meet new people and get together with those you haven’t seen all year.

While having a lot of fun can be refreshing, it’s important to stay safe and know how to protect yourself and those around you during parties and at crowded public places like clubs, pubs, and bars. Read this article for the most useful tips when you party outside and go out for a fun night.

Stay in a Group

Always aim to stay in a group of 2 to 5 people you trust and can depend on. By being accompanied, you ensure that you and your friends will watch out for each other, especially in the middle of a crowded place. It is also a means to be sure that you and your friends are not being targeted by any person who could bring harm or take advantage of any of you. For instance, clubs are large crowded places that can expose you or someone you love to dangerous people who hide in these places and prey on unsuspecting people.

Monitor Your Drinks and Drink Moderately

Going out and partying is fun for everyone. However, when you add alcohol to the mix, the situation can become dangerous when irresponsible behaviors surface. Alcohol will cause you to lose the edge and feel more confident while partying, but it also leads to bad decisions that can affect you and the people around you. Know your limits while drinking and don’t let other people buy you drinks, only you must decide how much alcohol you consume. Don’t leave your drinks unwatched, and always keep an eye on your drink while it’s being prepared; this is very important, as you never know when somebody can put something in your drink, ruin your night, and put you in danger.

Arrange for Your Rides

Driving is the worst idea when going to parties or going on a fun night out. Plan your ride home before going out – book a taxi, or take some extra money with you for a ride home after the night. Look out for the people that came with you, ensure that your drunk friend, who is most likely to get into a car accident if they drive home, is taking a taxi, and that they arrived home safely. Check if the taxis you and your friends take home are licensed; it could be very dangerous, especially for women, to get in an unlicensed cab for a faster trip. Remember to get a lift with someone you know or request a taxi or uber when going home at late hours, instead of taking a random taxi; it’s always safer than riding with complete strangers.

Stay Away from Violent Situations

People tend to become more violent and aggressive when they drink alcohol; that’s why night outs often end up in bar fights. Learn to control your behavior while drinking to stay away from fights. If you sense any bold confrontation or feel uncomfortable with the way someone is treating you, the best thing to do is to walk away and avoid that person. Watch your friends continuously to protect them from getting into any verbal arguments that can lead to fighting; if your friends are in trouble, so are you. So, learn to look out for yourself and your friends when drinking.

Stay in Areas with Proper Lighting and Hide Your Belongings

When walking home or leaving the bar or club, avoid dark routes and allies. There are fewer chances of you getting hurt in areas with good lighting. Choose streets that have plenty of people walking and stay away from shortcuts or canals. Crime happens at night for a reason; fewer people can witness it in the dark. Therefore, going through an unlit park or street is a very bad idea when walking home at night.

Additionally, take all the safety precautions if you go to a party held at someone’s home. Let your parents or someone you trust to drive you there and always give your parents and family the contact number for the person hosting the party, in case something happens to you. Drink in moderation no matter where the party is and watch your friends’ behaviors to avoid trouble. If managed safely, parties are a great way to have fun and meet new people, but it’s all about how you handle these dangerous situations while partying.


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