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Food Moment of The Week: Dining Off of the Sunset Strip at Katana Robata and Sushi Bar by the Innovative Dining Group

If there’s one thing we love doing in Los Angeles, it’s eating and drinking off the Sunset Strip. There’s something about being on the boulevard that gives us a familiar sense of excitement, especially when we are eating with Innovative Dining Group where we always feel at home. That’s why we decided to pop in for dinner at Katana: Robata and Sushi Bar. In Japan, Robata means “cooking with open flame” using Bincho Tan, a special Japanese charcoal from the seaside village of Wakayama. Ages ago, fishermen in coastal villages would cook their catch over an open flame and then share with others by passing food on oars from boat to boat. Katana honors the centuries old style cooking with a menu featuring “Japanese Tapas” and other traditional styles of Japanese comfort food on an open flame charcoal grill. So after a long day drinking cocktails by the pool at The Mondrian, right across the street, we needed something in our stomachs and Katana seemed like the only right thing to do…

We arrived hungry and wanted to try everything! We started light, easing in with some traditional Robata-Yaki Skewers, which included Premium Japanese Wagyu Beef, Sake/Salmon, and Suzuki/Chilean Seabass. The Wagyu was perfectly fatty, and buttery, and it melted in our mouths. The Chilean Seabass was extraordinary as well. The Skewers were a perfect way to whet our appetite before the Three Level Sushi Tower we ordered next necause We don’t play around when it comes to eating well. Our Three Level Sushi Tower consisted of oysters on level one, yellow tail, salmon, albacore and tuna sashimi on level two, and shrimp cocktail on top. Ordering The Tower is the way to go, no regrets here, but we couldn’t just stop there. Next, we ordered the Maguro Carpaccio: Tuna Sashimi with Wasabi Soy Truffle Oil Arugula, Avocado, and Shaved Parmesan Cheese. The Carpaccio was our favorite fish of the night, a light and simple sashimi salad made so special with the Wasabi Soy Truffle Oil. For dessert we had to have the Hanabi: Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice. Just thinking about the combination of the fresh fish atop warm rice crisped that is fried to perfection, makes our mouth water even more. For our second dessert, I told you we wern’t messing around, we had a couple scoops of ice cream. All of this deliciousness happened as we sat out on the warm and dim lit balcony overlooking Sunset Boulevard.  Let’s not forget, the Japanese comfort could not be complete without a big bottle of TyKu Sweet Coconut Nigori Sake! Ah yes, this was definitely a meal for the books.


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