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Camera Knowledge: Tips And Tricks To Get A Better Shot

What kind of world would it be if there existed no images, no pictures, no videos? A very drab one. Luckily, today we have at our disposal a variety of gadgets that can be used to quickly snap a host of photos. For the ordinary Joe, this process is simple, you point and click. But for millennials and all those who don’t just want to take any old photo but to capture the most amazingly spectacular shot, these tips and tricks are for you.

It’s All In The Device

If you want those amazing photos, first off, you need a suitable camera. Taking it a step further and wanting to capture clear video in slow motion will require a very specific type of device. When buying such a device you want to take certain functionalities into account. According to the site,, you should check out the number of frames per second possible. The higher this number, the slower you can make movement seem. The shutter speed is also important and should be consistently set to double the number of frames per second. Look for a camera with a read speed of at least 150 mb/s and storage space accessible through SDHC or SDXC cards.

One of the cameras that meet these requirements is the GoPro Hero 9 Black. This top-of-the-line camera claims to deliver steady, vivid, crisp, and stable videos in regular speed and slow motion. The Sony RXO II delivers vivid details and rich tones in addition to ultra-slow speeds.

Format Memory Cards & Reset Camera

For the best imagery, you cannot just pick up your camera and take the photo. For each and every shot, you must adjust the settings to suit the time of day, the amount of light or fog or darkness, and saturation. The perfect settings for a shoot you did yesterday will not be the perfect settings for one you’re doing today. To avoid disappointment, remember this tip. Professionals further advise that instead of deleting photos, you should format your memory card so that your crucial information can be rewritten and not completely wiped out.

Learn What All The Buttons Are For And Master Them

All cameras that are built for true photo enthusiasts have some buttons located somewhere on the device. If you’re a newbie to this hobby, you might have no clue what those are and be too embarrassed to ask. One of those buttons refers to the aperture and shutter mode. If this is not engaged, your camera will remain on auto, giving you less control over how the picture comes through. For more creative expression, engage. Learn how to adjust the white balance so your photos are as true to color as possible. Tungsten cools down the photo, especially if you’re shooting indoors, the fluorescent setting does the opposite and warms the photo. You may also notice cloudy, flash, and shade, all of which you should be able to read more about in your manual.

Become A Pro With Your iPhone

Iphones are one of the most popular phone brands, boasting millions of users. Apple has released some tricks that will help you capture those stunning images. To add more depth to your picture, you should select portrait mode. When the depth effect box turns yellow, you know you’re at the perfect distance away, and you can go ahead and take the picture. The resulting effect will be a sharp subject over a blurry backdrop. If you want your photos to look more natural, even though that may not be the case, turn on the lens correction feature. Once selfie mode or the front-facing camera is activated, the wide feature lens will work automatically to achieve this effect.

Change The Image Size

The bigger the size is set to, the greater the resolution. This is not necessary for all the shots you take with your digital camera. Decreasing the resolution does not mean your photos will be of lower quality. But it does mean you will be able to store a greater number of photos on your memory card. You also achieve a faster shooting rate as the camera requires less time to buffer in between snaps.

Getting your best photos possible is at your fingertips, literally. Invest in a quality camera if your goal is to capture more integrated video. Looking for crisp slow motion, don’t rely on your smartphone camera. Read your device’s manual. Play with the settings to see what works. And remember, every day is a new day so reset your camera daily.


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