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4 Fun Hangout Ideas For You And Your Friends To Try Out

The sun is out and it’s finally time to go outside and do something fun! Finding new and exciting things to do with your friends is always a challenge. There are plenty of cool and zany experiences to be had in the outside world. Going to the movies or to a music festival is great, but there are plenty of ways to stay entertained right at home. To give you some inspiration, here is a list of 4 crazy fun ways to spend time and hang out with your friends at home this summer.

1. Play A Real-Life FPS Game

The first idea on this list is for video game lovers. If you’re a fan of FPS (first-person shooter games) you’re gonna love this one! If you like COD or Counter-Strike, you probably love the excitement of stalking your enemies and the sound of guns going off. It’s a great adrenaline rush when you get that victory royale kill with the simple click of a button. Instead of planning a videogame night with your buddies online, why not take the battle outside?

Video games are a great way to spend your time indoors with your friends, but why not try to experience them in the real world? Arm yourselves with BB guns or gel blaster pistols, some helmets, and transform your yard into a battlefield. Give yourselves cool, flashy code names and a mission, and let the games begin! Just remember to stay safe! No amount of fun is worth a black eye, so make sure to wear protective clothing and to play fair.

2. Throw A Murder Mystery Party

For boardgame and mystery lovers, throwing your own murder mystery party is a great way to hang out with your friends. Murder mystery board games are exciting and challenge you to use your brains and wits. Instead of pulling out the old Cluedo board game this weekend, why not make that fantasy a reality? Get your friends together and concoct a storyline that ends with murder! Create eccentric characters with suspicious motives and have a blast trying to figure out who dun it! Work on your roleplay and acting skills while you hang out with your friends.

If murder mysteries are not your thing, why not throw a game night instead? Whether your game of choice is Dungeons and Dragons or Monopoly, a good old-fashioned game night is always a good idea. Round up all your friends and their favorite games and snacks, and start the party! Plan a fun menu, pop on some spooky tunes, and have a ball with it.

3. Channel Your Inner Chef

Another fun thing that you can try with your friends is to improve your cooking skills. Food brings people together and what better way to accommodate that than with a dinner party! Maybe choose a theme and get everybody to dress up for the occasion. A dinner party is a great way to spice up your evenings with your friends. Get your group of friends to each host a dinner party and have a blast. So pop open that champagne and get to cooking.

Instead of a formal dinner party, you can host a casual and fun potluck! Get your friends together and get everybody to prepare their favorite food for a lovely dinner. Use this chance to impress your friends with your cooking chops, to improve your skills, or to swap some recipes. There’s plenty of fun ways to hang out with your friends and work on yourself too.

4. Go Backyard Camping

Sometimes, the most enjoyable things in life are the simplest. When it comes to having a great time with your friends outdoors, camping is way up on the list at number 1! The outdoors may be lovely, but they’re not always accessible to everyone. If you can’t go out into the countryside and wilderness with your friends, why not bring the camping trip to you? There are plenty of advantages to camping in your backyard. You can have the comfort of your home bathroom and electricity while you roast marshmallows and swap ghost stories.

If you want to take a more traditional approach, you can go all natural with no technology whatsoever. This will be a great way to really connect with your friends and experience the outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Round up whatever camping equipment you have between your friend group and become one with nature.

Keeping things interesting and exciting with your friend group is all about trying something new! Take your favorite games and make them into reality! Whether you prefer first-person shooter games or murder mysteries, there’s always a way to take them to the next level. Host a dinner party or two and treat yourselves to some good vibes and good food. Go back to basics on a backyard camping trip, and get creative with your next fun hangout.


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