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60out Escape Rooms Gives New Meaning to The Night’s Watch With New Dracula Themed Room

Just in time for the spookiest night of the year (Halloween), 60out Escape Rooms invited me to give their newest escape room, Dracula, a try before revealing it to the public. Playing host to over 12 rooms at five different locations, 60out Escape Rooms has a place for just about anyone and everyone.

I gathered a few of my friends and headed to Melrose. Some of us were frightened (myself included), while others were confident that we’d experience the thrill of our lives. Entering into the Melrose location, we were greeted with digital waivers and later led to what felt like a secret entrance. The room was still under construction upon our arrival, but it did not take away from the mysterious element provided by the room’s designers. As a group, we entered the room a bit cocky knowing that the record time was 52 mins. Who couldn’t beat that?! Of course, we could, but did we?

We actually didn’t. Going a little over an hour, this proved to be one of the location’s hardest rooms to crack. There were a few times when our host, the lovely Cytarah, would provide us with hints to get us going to our next mission. Digging up bones, watering graves, feeling like we were reading out of one of Harry Potter’s spell books made the experience that much better. Without giving away too much of this room’s secrets being aware of its ability to interact with its features, prove yourself, and work amongst others makes it a total gem.

Groups of 2 to 6 can join in on the darkened adventure. Prices range from $27-$40 and are worth every penny. While visiting either location feel free to try out one of the many other rooms like Hangover and Grandma’s Masterplan. Making her debut very soon in Melrose is Alice in Wonderland and I can’t wait to see what whimsical magic 60out has crafted up next!

Photo By: 60out Escape Rooms

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