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6 Workout Tips That Are Both Simple and Eco-Friendly

It is not at all difficult to stay green while you stay fit. It is a more straightforward proposition than what you might think, and the best thing is that it is a winning deal. Your and the environments’ health both stand to benefit by observing workouts in the manner mentioned below, modified slightly to make them more suitable and friendly for the environment.

1. Choose Your Home As Your Workout Location

When you choose to work out at your home, you help cut down on fuel and gas emissions and prevent wastage of energy at large gyms. There are some cardio exercises like stair-stepping and plyometrics, that you can do at your home. The only additional energy you would be spending is your activity measurements through a Fitbit or a fitness app on your smartphone. However, that energy is something it would have consumed anyway. The latter is especially recommended as it is a source of affordable fitness instruction.

The workouts from apps like The Fit Tutor are perfect. Another excellent home workout option is doing yoga. By just buying a set of yoga mats, you can ensure both your well-being and look after your body’s fitness. And considering that this article is all about going green, the ones we linked to are eco-friendly. By avoiding only a half-hour treadmill session, you can save the world from the additional production of two pounds of carbon-di-oxide.

2. Get Some Outside Air

One of the best ideas for eco-friendly workouts is to venture outside and exercise yourself through one of the many possible outdoor ways. You can choose to run through a neighborhood park or bike up to the waterfront and walk along with it. If you are particularly keen on strength training, it would be helpful for you to remember that you can use playground equipment for the same too. Another option is to carry out a bodyweight workout in the park you run to earlier. Gardening is yet another activity that involves a lot of exercises.

With all-natural training, you need to exert your body amidst the openness of the outside. You can keep mental issues like anxiety and depression at bay by exercising outside, and by choosing this option, you also get to save both your money and our planet. However, a word of caution, please make it a point not to pollute and throw things around and use the trash can instead.

3. Make Minimum Use of Workout Equipment

One of the most significant green reasons to shrug off from equipment while doing your workout is the tremendous environmental cost that comes with each piece of equipment. It takes a substantial amount of water, energy, and other types of resources to produce one; there’s the additional pollution resulting from shipping the product to your or your gym. We can reduce this environmental load by using only a bare minimum amount of equipment. Remember, you can get great results by just using simple equipment like a set of adjustable dumbbells or a bodyweight at most. Additionally, minimum equipment also means a minimum amount of occupied space!

4. Reduce Reuse Recycle

Another driving mantra that should guide your gathering of green equipment is to buy lightly used fitness items. There is an excellent variety in the things we can get through such a fashion. These include:

– Gear
– Clothing
– Fitness equipment
– Water bottles
– Shoes
– And even kitchen items

You can turn to thrift stores to buy one or several of the items above.

5. Plastic No More

Today, the entire world faces the ecological hazard presented by plastic, and a significant part of the plastic problems stems from plastic bottles. About 75% of all plastic bottles land up in landfills rather than their designated place in recycling plants. It is up to you to be a part of the solution and choose to buy only reusable plastic bottles, which will reduce the ecological burden of additional plastic bottles.

6. Switch You Commute Medium

Most of us drive to our daily commute to the office, but we should think of switching. If it is feasible, try to bike or walk to your office. Besides giving you a fair amount of exercise, doing this will also cut down on pollution. You do much good for the environment by doing this only a few times a week. The practice you get will also give you additional time to focus on other vital things in your life.

It’s never too late to start. That’s the message for all of you who are aware that life as we know it is under threat due to our irresponsible actions. While we should have indeed started earlier, we need to do our bit now. Keep in mind that it is often the small things that matter the most regarding the environment. Here’s hoping our environment remains earthlike!

1 Discussion on “6 Workout Tips That Are Both Simple and Eco-Friendly”
  • All great tips that should help those keep in shape during the pandemic. Building the home as a sort of gym is a great place to begin, provided one has the means to do so. It helps, especially as many people are skeptical about going back to their usual gyms during this time.

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