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5 Things You Should Know Before Learning to Surf

Have you decided that you want to take up surfing? The hobby can be extremely fun, but learning it at first can be quite difficult. That being said, there are a few things that you should know before learning how to surf. They can make the learning process that much smoother and also keep you safe in the ocean. Depending on where you are surfing, some waves could be dangerous to you if you do not know what you are doing. Here are several things you should know before learning to surf.

Find a Board That Suits You

When it comes to finding a surfboard, you want one that not only embodies your personality but one that you are comfortable with. If you have a wider stance, you might want a slightly longer board. Depending on how experienced you are, you might want to look at a beginner board as well. Where can you go about getting a surfboard? You don’t even have to buy one yet if you are unsure if this is something you want to continue.

Take a city like Santa Barbara, for example, it has plenty of beautiful beaches and is a surfer’s paradise at times. You will be able to find surfboard rentals Santa Barbara is equipped with everything you need as a surfer. Not only will you find everything you need, but they will also help you to choose the right equipment for you. This will make surfing a much more enjoyable process as you will have a board that suits your style. Don’t just rush into purchasing any board, get advice from an expert and find one that is right for you.

Follow Surf Etiquette

The number one rule that you have to remember in surfing is that you should not be stealing someone else’s wave. What makes it someone’s wave? Whoever is closer to the breaking part of the wave is the one who has claimed it. If you notice someone is getting ready to ride it, back off from it and give it to them. Another wave will come that you can ride. Learning the rules will go a long way to ensure that you aren’t a nuisance out in the ocean.

Surfing Can be Dangerous

Waves have a mind of their own and at times can be a lot more powerful than you think. Not only that, but there are often underwater currents and rips that can be extremely dangerous if you are not a strong swimmer. When first learning to surf, try to stay close to the shore, that way you are close if any danger strikes. If you are new to that beach or part of the ocean, ask another surfer’s what the water is like. They will inform you of any hidden riptides or currents. The last thing you want when learning how to surf is to make a mistake that will prove to be fatal.

Learn to Read Waves

When it comes to finally catch waves, understand that all of them are different and will not act in a predictable fashion. Where the last wave broke does not mean the next wave is going to break there. Always face the ocean’s horizon and watch the waves as they come in. Judge if you are going to have to paddle towards it or not. The more waves you learn to read, the better you will be in the water and the safer your experience will be.

It Will Take Time

While any skill takes a lot of effort and patience to learn, surfing puts itself higher than others. It is an unforgiving sport and you will find yourself falling over constantly at first. Don’t get discouraged when this happens and keep pushing through all the frustration. It is recommended to bring a friend or two with you the first few times when learning how to surf. It is easier to be more relaxed around friends and not allow your frustrations to get to you as much.

Along with that, you have other people who are in your exact same position. It might be discouraging watching others effortlessly surf around, but remember that they were once like you, trying to learn how to ride a wave.

These are all important things to know when you start learning how to surf. With enough hard work, you will soon be riding huge waves with ease and showing off in front of everyone else. No matter how good you get, you should always be aware of safety and constantly be watching the ocean for any possible danger. All it takes is one instant for everything to change out there. Where do you plan on learning how to surf?


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