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Selling A Home: What You Need To Know To Get A Fair-Priced Sale In A Reasonable Period Of Time

When it comes time to sell a house, there is a lot a person needs to manage. First, there are the emotional struggles—you have memories in this place, maybe your kids grew up there, maybe your marriage began there, maybe you moved in all young and hopeful for a new job and miss that youthful energy. Beyond the emotional wallop of selling your home, there are dozens of practical steps involved that can turn something that feels like it should be relatively easy into a long, drawn-out, chaotic process.

The following will explores some of the tips, tricks, and steps you can take to help ensure that you’re getting a decent offer on your house within a reasonable amount of time. Of course, every home and neighborhood is a little different. For the most accurate information about your specific property, reach out to a real estate professional in your area.

Have You Done What You Can To Increase Sale Speed?

There are several things that you can do to increase the chances of your home selling faster rather than slower. Many people prefer a fast turnaround when it comes to home sales because there’s less risk of the price being negotiated down, plus less time spent in selling limbo where you’re waiting for the go-ahead to put in an offer on the new place you want to move into.

Clean Up Junk And Clutter

One of the best things you can do to increase sale speed is by giving the house and surrounding property a good deep clean. This includes taking the time to declutter the space. The less of your stuff that is visible when someone tours the home, the easier it will be for potential buyers to imagine their stuff in the house.

Moreover, when touring houses, people tend to carry a list of to-dos in their minds, detailing all the things they will have to do to get the place ready for themselves to live in. If you’ve gone through the trouble of cleaning and clearing up junk and clutter, that can result in a much shorter mental to-do list and a more enticing buy. Pay special attention to odd areas like beneath a porch or deck or around the edges of the property where fencing might gather garbage blown in the wind or gutters might have collected trash. This also includes going through the trouble of getting rid of larger items like old cars or appliances left on the property or inside.

Take High-Quality Photos

Nowadays, most people begin their home search online, and this means that your first chance to make a good impression is to get high-quality photos (and maybe even video tours) sorted out. If this is something you’re not gifted with, consider hiring a real estate photographer or videographer to help you get those gorgeous shots that get clicks and result in viewings.

It is crucial that you don’t attempt to hide anything you consider negative about the home during the photography session, however. If people feel misled by the photos when they arrive for a viewing, they are far less likely to maintain interest in the home. They might also become more suspicious and less trustworthy of you. People don’t like to buy things from people they deem untrustworthy.

Price To Sell

Of course, one of the best possible things you can do to get your home sale moving quickly is by pricing the home to sell. This can sometimes mean asking a little less than what the place is worth. People are eager to scoop up a good deal and so will be tempted to put in an offer faster, lest they miss out on the awesome price. In many cases, this sort of tactic can help bring the price above expected value as multiple people put in offers quickly and end up bidding against each other.

If you’re unsure of what a reasonable price would be in this context, you can speak to a real estate agent. They have access to information about the pricing of homes in your area and have a pretty firm grip on who is searching in the area for a home. A real estate agent should help you find a good price for your home.

Arrange For Pets To Be Somewhere Else

You love your pet, that doesn’t mean potential home buyers will too. When showing the place, be sure to find an alternative arrangement for your pet, clean up their bowls and toys, and other items, and give the house a good pet hair clean. Some buyers are turned off by the smell of pets or the sight of fur.

Consider Alternative Sale Practices

There are multiple ways to sell a house besides having a real estate agent list the property and put a sign out front. If you’re looking to sell and be done with the process as fast as possible, you might want to look into home buying companies. There are businesses out there that make instant cash offers for homes, allowing you to have any sale date you prefer. When working with these businesses, be sure that any cash buyers for your home have no obligation offers. There’s no harm in seeing what you could get without the hassle of going through the entire sale process.

Closet Hack

This tip is one of the simplest home selling tricks ever. Before a potential buyer comes to visit your property, take out half of the stuff in every closet. Store this stuff somewhere not visible (or on the property you’re moving to) and be shocked by how big your closets suddenly look. When spaces are packed with stuff, they look smaller. If the items inside are more sparse, the closets look big and dreamy. Everyone is down for a little more closet space.

The above tips and options should help you get your home ready for sale on your terms. It’s a good idea to put your selling desires in order of priority before beginning the sale process so you can be sure you’re not sacrificing something important to you. Maybe your focus is getting the house sold by a specific date. Maybe you need a certain sale price. Maybe you want to give your home to someone that has a good vibe. Knowing your priorities from the onset can make the whole process a lot easier.

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