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Popular Traditional Indian Clothing That Might Interest You

Indian clothing is some of the most eye-catching and beautiful in the world. The vibrant colors always make a statement and the clothing is a relaxed fit, bringing the best of comfort and style to your appearance.

Indian Fashion

For centuries, traditional Indian designs have not changed much. However, progressive city-goers and fashion designers are taking steps to adapt traditional clothing to a more modern lifestyle. Clothing brands that are bringing these Indian styles to admirers around the world are doing excellent work at uniting traditional work with statement fashion. With striking colors and stunning jewelry to match, adorning your wardrobe with high-end garments is likely to take the breath away of those who behold you!

For Indians (especially for those living abroad) or people who admire Indian wear, traditional clothing has become even more accessible via online stores offering their take on Indian trends in the 21st century. If you’re looking for popular traditional Indian clothing, here are some designs that may just be perfect for your wardrobe.

Salwar Kameez

This complete outfit has three elements which are usually worn together to complement the outfit. Salwar is a pair of comfortable trousers worn by women, typically paired with a Kameez or traditional tunic. For a more relaxed wearing of this outfit, many people wear a variant – Churidar, similar to leggings – under their Kameez. Accompanying the female outfit is usually a beautiful matching dupatta or scarf. The men also wear a shalwar kameez, but for greater comfort from this modified combination, many Indians wear the Churidar Kurta.

Churidar Kurta

Adored for its comfort, this suit combination can be made from various materials which are excellent at keeping you cool in the heat and humidity. Widely known as the most comfortable Indian attire, Churidar trousers or pajama, are loosely-fitted, baggy pants that can be worn as casual – or even formal – wear.

Kurta and Kurti!

Offered in similar styles, but worn at different lengths, the longer kurta is a traditional tunic that can extend knee, calf, or even ankle length. Men and women wear kurtas, the garment that likely has the richest history on the Indian sub-continent.

Shorter Kurtis are hip-length and primarily worn by women. In more recent times, they are enjoyed by ladies who wear jeans, leggings or even jeggings underneath this traditional garment. There really is something for everyone in Indian fashion!

Nehru Jacket

A compliment to many combinations is the Nehru jacket: a sleeveless hip-length jacket named after the former prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. This stunning traditionally handcrafted jacket has a mandarin collar and is suitable to dress up a modern shirt, wear over Shalwar Kameez, or even the more casual Churidar Kurta.


Most people are familiar with a saree, the beautiful cloth wrapped around the shoulder. But did you know that there are actually over 100 different ways to wear a saree? Some are more fashionable than others, however, what is amazing is that several of them do not even require the use of safety pins.

What many people love about Indian attire is that every day is an opportunity to wear brightly colored pieces to delight, as well as the fact that these garments are created with stitching to impress! Diversify your wardrobe selection and invest in some pieces that are bound to satisfy the visual senses.


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