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Important Goals Every Young Adult Should Accomplish Before Turning 30

We all have bucket lists, things we want to achieve, goals we want to hit. But, there are some simple things that everyone in their twenties can and should do before turning 30, to improve their lives in the short and long term. These are simple life hacks that will boost your career, finances, and general quality of life into your thirties and beyond. They may not sound like the most exciting, but when you reach that milestone 30thbirthday, you’ll definitely be glad you did them.

Start Saving

Saving is not something that young people often think of doing. As teenagers and young adults we earn our money and go spend it right away. Often, that habit carries over into adult life and we give little thought to our long-term financial plans. It’s not exciting, at all, and we understand that. But, if you start to understand how great saving can be, it suddenly can be exciting.

A great way to start saving young is in stocks & shares ISA or TFSA accounts. Investing long term in these has historically returned around 6-8% a year on your investment. The more you invest, the more it compounds and earns you more money. Even if you can only put away $10 a week to start with, you build good investment over time which will reward you greatly when you’re older.

Get Insured

Another thing that sounds more like a task than an accomplishment, but is massively important is getting insurance. We’re talking life, home, contents, and vehicle insurance. Life insurance is especially important. Look up the best life insurance quotes online and start protecting yourself. As we have discussed, as you grow into your 30s you will have things to insure, like savings. Life insurance will assure that if you do get hurt, sick, or die, your assets and belongings will be covered. It also means that, in the event of the worst-case scenario, you can leave your family a lump sum of money after you are gone.

Quit Bad Habits

It’s okay to be wild in your teens and twenties. Your body and mind are very forgiving at that age. But, as we approach our thirties, the body needs more rest and recuperation to keep you operating at the most effective levels. It’s time to learn to get better sleep, stop smoking, drink less, and wind in all other bad habits that you may have enjoyed throughout your early life! The body will thank you for it, your mind will be sharper, and you’ll feel better when working.

Keep Fit, Stay Fit

Cutting bad habits is one thing. Starting and keeping good habits is another. As we age, it’s vitally important to keep some form of exercise routine in place. Those who are fit and active in their old age are the ones who have kept the habit up since they were young. Exercise is also great for the brain, as well as for the cardiovascular system, bone strength, and muscles.

Try and Buy Property

One of the greatest investments in life is to purchase the property. It’s not easy, but if you start working towards it early, you can get there quicker than you might imagine. Many of us are in a huge hurry to move out of our parent’s homes and feel some independence. It’s a great feeling, for sure, but our advice is to stick it out at home a little longer. Staying with your parents, even if you pay them to rent, is definitely going to be cheaper than renting privately. This way you can grow your earnings and save more whilst having minimal outgoings. If you get on the property market young, you’ll be able to climb that ladder quickly.

Boost Your Career Prospects

Finally, before turning 30, you should have done as much training and education as possible to boost your career path. Whatever you have chosen to pursue, there’s no such thing as too much learning, practice, study, or training. Do as much as you can in your 20s and you’ll find yourself racing ahead of your colleagues as the years go by. Plus, when we are in our teens and twenties, our brains are far more absorbent. It’s much harder to study and learn new things as more years pass us by.

These six things will help you race ahead in your 30s and 40s, be financially secure, have a good career path, and feel fit and healthy. All of this wrapped up equals one successful, happy human being. The question is: how many of these are you on course to achieve?


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