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How To Safely Get A Nice Tan When Summer Is Behind Us

It usually comes down to faking and not actual baking when it comes to Tans. And there are a lot of valid reasons for that – depending on each person. But when it comes to after summer, getting that tan can present some bit of a challenge. It’s a bit of a pickle because there’s not enough sunlight to get it right. But as long as several people fake it, you can quickly achieve it without the hot weather. Below is the safe way you can use to get that lovely tan when summer is behind us.

1. Gradual Tan

If you want to maintain a tan after the summer, you can achieve it by gradual tanning. First, you need to create a ritual – this shouldn’t be something complicated. It should be something you can keep up with daily. You should apply it daily as you would lotion – it should be readily available. You can use the ‘lotion’ after the morning shower, and you don’t need to wait for it to dry. You can dress up with it on your skin. When you have a soft color on, it will only enhance your tan. You don’t have to look as if you have overdone the tan. You can do it daily if you find it easy to follow the ritual. It can also be applied at least once every two days if you don’t want to overdo it.

2. Facial Self-Tan

The first area that’s visible when someone looks at you is your face. And when you have been sun-kissed, your face looks fresh. The complexion of the suntan isn’t explainable but has a pretty appeal that’s hard to ignore. When you choose to go the facial self-tan, you can go for the gradual tan too. This takes time and a bit of effort to achieve the golden tint. If you don’t have a ritual that gives you the tan, you won’t get that tint – you need to have made a little bit more applications.

3. Exfoliate

You can employ Ideas such as exfoliation to achieve the tan you want to have. You need to ensure that you perform weekly exfoliation when you are looking to get that golden tint. When you exfoliate, you help remove the dried surface cells from your body. And this will prepare your skin for tanning to come. It can also help you remove the dull surfaces from your body. When looking for the right body scrubs for exfoliation, you need to search for the ones that are filled with mood-boosting oils. Another essential aspect of the scrub is that it needs to be gentle on the skin.

4. DHA Tanner

Another safe way you can use to get a nice tan after summer is the DHA tanner application. Though this may be a temporary idea, it can be effective when done correctly. Dihydroxyacetone quickly reacts on the dead cells – the cells that are on the skin’s surface.
The process, though only temporary, gives your skin the darken and golden tint you desire. It stimulates the tan, and the color should wear off after a couple of days. You need to do it again if you want to maintain the tan on you.

– Is DHA Bad for Your Skin?

Despite being a fear factor for several unauthorized sources, there is no concrete evidence to prove DHA is harmful. But you need to apply it topically – as a precaution. Kids and expecting women, however, should avoid DHA tanner application. For them, it is as much as a precaution, but nothing has been proven just yet. For all others, DHA should be applied not only topically but also correctly. And you can use either the lotion or the spray sparingly.

– Does DHA Age Skin?

There are a few things that DHA has been linked with and the aging of the skin is one. When you apply DHA to your skin, it causes oxidative stress. And this can speed up the aging process. That’s why the idea of using DHA isn’t something you want to make a habit of. This should be sparingly used to tan your skin. There have also been some reports of DHA damaging DNA.

You don’t need sunbathes to get that golden tint you hope to achieve on your skin. There are various ways in which you can safely get the nice tan you want even after summer. Above are some of the few safe ways you can use, but you want to be watchful too. Please don’t make it a daily habit trying to tan your skin as there can be some long-term effects.


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