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How Cigars Should Be Kept According To Cigar Aficionados

Storing fine cigars can be more complicated than what most people think. Cigar smokers often find themselves throwing away many of their precious cigars because they weren’t stored properly, or they didn’t get the right temperature in their humidor. It’s true that there are many factors that can affect their taste, which is why it has to be kept in certain conditions with specific standards. In order to maintain high-quality cigars and preserve their flavor, you have to create a similar environment to their origin. Here’s how you can.


Cigars can be highly affected by humidity. Extremely high or low humidity can ruin them. However, for you to know how to prevent it from drying out or losing its flavor, you should first understand how humidity affects it. When you first get your cigars, they usually contain between 12% to 15% moisture, and this is the exact percentage that should be maintained in the cigars until you decide to smoke them.

If you place them somewhere with high humidity, let’s say above 72%, the moisture will be absorbed by the tobacco and it will be too damp to smoke. Damp cigars cause uneven burns that will affect the flavor. On the other hand, low humidity will dry them out, causing them to burn faster than usual. This adds more heat to the tobacco so it will provide a burned flavor. To avoid drying out your cigars, avoid placing them in a spot with direct sunlight or even in a windy place. The ideal percentage to maintain your cigars in good condition is between 65% and 72%. Storing them in a spot within a reasonable percentage will protect them from losing their moisture and you’ll be able to enjoy the flavor no matter how long you store it.


Just like humidity, the temperature has a massive impact on cigars. High temperatures, above 77°F or 21°C, will cause your cigars to rot. Rotten cigars invite beetles and mold; not only to form but to start laying eggs as well. With high humidity and temperature, the eggs will hatch and your cabinet or humidor will need to be cleaned by professionals. To avoid this hassle, ensure that you keep your cigar placed at the right temperature. However, not every humidor can be right for you, as some of them might not give you the performance you expect from the unit. Depending on your use, whether you are a collector or smoke cigars occasionally, you must put the size of the humidor into consideration. Some humidors don’t come with a thermometer, while the NewAir 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor lets you control the temperature and the humidity of the whole cabinet. Humidors are made of various types of wood, but the best and the most expensive is Spanish Cedar as it offers the best insulation.


Italian aficionados treat their cigars with great care and you should too. When you open a box of cigars, you will find them stacked on top of each other, but that’s not the way you will put them in your humidor. Lay the first row normally and then stack the next row in the spaces between them. For example, if the first row contained 20 cigars, the second row would have 18 pieces resting comfortably between the spaces. The third throw might accommodate 19 pieces as there will be more spaces on both sides. By stacking them this way, you will allow air to reach each piece. However, don’t stack them too tight or you won’t be able to pry them off each other.

Cigar Inspection

When you receive a new box of cigars, you might need to give it a pinch test to check if they are properly humidified. Press the foot of the cigar gently between your thumb and index finger. If it is under-humidified, it might crackle between your fingers, but you can re-humidify it by putting it in your humidor for as long as it needs. If it yielded slightly but returned to its original form then it is humidified properly. Over-humidified cigars will compress like a sponge, while those that are under-filled will contract and won’t go back to their original state.

Cigars are delicate and they need a lot of care to enjoy their flavor fully while smoking them. You must understand how temperature and humidity affect them, and how to make them rest in the right conditions. A humidor is a must-have for any cigar aficionado as it will keep them fresh for a long time. Stack them well to let them breathe and inspect them thoroughly before using or storing them.


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