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Fun Outdoor Activities to Do With the Family

These days, families are at their wits’ end with being stuck indoors. The good news is with more and more rollouts of the Covid-19 vaccines, normalcy is returning. While you’ll still want to be cautious and follow health regulations, it means that you and your family can get outdoors for some much-needed fun and relaxation. Outdoor activities as a family offer a lot of benefits, specifically health. Vitamin D from the sun is one, improved mood, and a reduction of stress are all significant benefits. It’s also a wonderful way for families to bond, which is needed in these trying times.

Fun Outdoor Activities

Unglued from your devices. Take a moment to step out of the cyberworld and find enjoyment in everyday pleasures. Sometimes we need to reconnect with ourselves and the people that matter most to us. Family time should be more than just sitting around watching a movie. You should be able to have fun and laugh together; to be silly and childlike together. With the stress of the pandemic, it can feel like you’ve been prisoners to your home for a long time now. Indulging in these fun outdoor activities can help you shake off the cobwebs and start living again.

1. Fishing Trip

There is something extremely therapeutic about a good old fashion fishing trip. The calm and then the hit of adrenaline when you get a bite is all a part of the fun and experience. Even if you catch nothing, learning together and having a good time is what it’s all about. For fathers and sons, this is a great time to build a bond as the best father and son fishing duo around. It’s also a lot of fun seeing what types of fish you’ll catch. Some areas have a lot of diversity in marine life available.

2. Paintball

Paintballing is a fun, adrenaline-inducing, strategy-building, all-out war of an activity. It’s a blast and doing it with your family is even better. Paintballing requires you to get really physically involved as you’re running behind targets or running away from being targeted. It’s a workout without being an actual workout. There is also a bit of strategy involved, which is a great mental exercise. Overall, playing paintball with your family helps to build up a sweat and get the heart rate going while boosting mood and playfulness.

3. Beach Camping

Going for a camping trip on the beach is a wonderful outdoor activity for the entire family. Take your tent, a grill, and other supplies, and you can have yourself a wonderful overnight camping trip. There is the open water which you can indulge in, set up a fire to sit around when the sun sets, and have tents to cuddle up in once the fun dies down. The glorious thing is that it can be an all-day affair. Just remember to bring water for drinking and washing off. You can quickly get dehydrated out in the sun and saltwater pulls a lot of moisture out of your skin. Make sure to wash off before you settle down for the night.

4. Scavenger Hunt In The Backyard

If it’s not possible to go outside of your own yard except for necessary supplies and things, then you can plan a scavenger hunt in your backyard. It’s a super simple activity to put together and everyone is sure to have a great time. Get inventive in where you had the clues and prizes. You can even make the hunt more specific to something only your family will get. It may even become a tradition.

5. Volunteer In The Community

Something that you can do as a family is to volunteer in your local community. Start a community garden or a clean-up effort. Something to bring some positivity to the community and get the whole family involved. You may even be surprised at how many other families get inspired by your efforts. A community garden is also a great way to give back and help those who may be vulnerable to food insecurity. Once the garden produces, the harvest can be shared amongst the community. It can also be sold in local farmer’s markets and the money can be used to support charities the entire community agrees on supporting.

Bring some fun back to your family time with these outdoor activities. Pay attention to the guidelines in your state and make sure that all members of your family adhere to them when outdoors. Some of these activities are great because they limit human activity, so you can feel assured when going out. The pandemic has taken a lot away from families, now is the chance to reclaim the joy and connection lost. Get outside, get moving, and have fun.


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