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Easy Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Your garden is your sanctuary. It is your private space on your property where you can go and be surrounded by nature and all things peaceful and pleasant. This is why it is so important to create an outdoor area that is inviting to you. If you feel like your current outdoor garden or patio is lacking in that feeling of serenity, seems a bit neglected, overgrown, and just not really a place you find yourself wanting to spend time, you may be thinking “what can be done?”. You have come to the right place, as there are a handful of simple ways you can improve your outside space so that it can become the haven you desire. This has never been more relevant than in pandemic times, where people are going out less, and thus creating a positive home environment has become essential for mental health and wellbeing.

Keep It Green, Keep It Clean

The reason most people enjoy being outdoors is that it makes them feel closer to nature. We are all animals, and nature has an incredibly calming effect on us. Somehow, a few breaths of fresh air with your bare feet rooted on soft grass, staring at the gentle sway of a branch is often enough to relax anyone, including squealing infants. That is why people plant an array of vegetation in their gardens. Anything from grass to trees to bushes to flowers to vegetable patches to succulents. It’s all about that green growth. However, with lush-growing flora, comes a level of maintenance. Some people find working in the garden therapeutic and relish in the chance. Others employ people to keep their gardens in order. However, when it comes to bigger, riskier jobs like tree felling, it is always a smart and responsible idea to employ the professionals who know the nature (pardon the pun) of the job well. Take for instance the certified arborists (CA) who do tree trimming in Lake Minnetonka. These folks are experienced in cutting, removing, and maintaining trees and warn that if you do not hire a CA, you could be putting your property or loved ones at risk.

Create An Inviting Seating Area

When you go into your outdoor space, be it a small patch of grass, an acre of green, or a petite patio, where do you sit? It is important to have a dedicated area for comfortable seating. Think about where the sun hits, does it get morning or afternoon shade? Is there a pleasant view? Is the seating comfortable? You have options ranging from a table and chairs, be it wood or plastic, a hammock, a swing, a lounger, or a bench. Think about your primary use for this outdoor seating area. If it is for you and your family to enjoy a meal on balmy summer evenings, then you want a comfortable outdoor dining option. If it is for the solitary reading of a book in the shade, then you just need to consider what would be comfortable and convenient for you. Remember some hammocks and swings require erecting, and so you might be less inclined to use them after the novelty wears off. Remember the type of material of your outdoor furniture needs to be weather-resistant so it does not become damaged from the elements. Whatever outdoor seating option you select, ask yourself whether this will truly create an inviting area that you will use.

Add A WOW-Factor Feature

If your budget (and creativity) allows it, there are many fabulous features that will exponentially increase the appeal of your outdoor space. Take for instance installing a deck over an uneven surface. This way, you will likely find yourself far more inclined to spend time outdoors, entertaining, or even alone. Do you have the plumbing and privacy to add an outdoor shower? There is nothing more tranquil and invigorating than a shower in the elements, in the comfort of your own backyard. Do you have the lawn space for a game of boule or croquet? Even out the soil and plant and maintain a soft patch of grass for games of your preference. If you are limited by space and only have a small balcony, why not hang some vertical plants along your wall. There are plenty of ingenious creative designs available on Pinterest to inspire you to maximize your available space, which will create a beautiful green nook.

You don’t need to have an enormous garden, or piles of money and time to create a beautiful outdoor space. There are plenty of easy and creative strategies to improve your existing outdoor area, big or small. So look at what space you have available, and think about what can be improved, maintained, or installed. If you need extra inspiration, browse some magazines and the web for ideas to apply some basic improvements that will enhance the overall beauty of your outside sanctuary.


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