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Can’t Decide Which Car To Buy? Here’s Some Help

Purchasing a new car is nothing like shopping for clothes or household items. You cannot just pick one that strikes your fancy unless of course, you have a lot of money to throw around. If you are on a budget, then you need to ensure that the vehicle you choose will last for a few years. However, any multi-brand car dealership has so many options on offer that you will be spoilt for choice. So how can you settle on the right car, one that meets all your requirements and expectations, and then some? Here are a few helpful pointers.

Determine The Purpose

How will you be using the vehicle? Is your main purpose commuting to work and back, or will you only drive it for family vacations? A compact hatchback will be perfect for daily commutes because it can weave through traffic and lasts longer on city roads. For family vacations, you may consider buying a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or a Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV). Solo adventurers can go for robust sedans or sturdy off-road vehicles. Sports cars are ideal only in the suburbs or on highways. You won’t get much out of speedy coupes on city roads.

Keep The Future In Mind

Ensure that the vehicle you choose is dynamic and flexible. Will you be going on family camping trips in the future? Then you may need to consider the car’s towing capacity. Trade specialists who have been keeping track of the Honda Odyssey towing capacity for years claim that customers should go for the 3000 lbs mark. Most camping trailers are usually that heavy, and many are even heavier. Don’t pick small cars and hatchbacks in cases like these. They have a very low towing capacity. Furthermore, will you be having children shortly? Make sure that there is a child lock in the car’s back seat, and don’t go for convertibles or compact vehicles. Prioritize safety and comfort over speed and style. Pick something like a Chevrolet Suburban or a Honda Accord.

Ascertain The Features

While basic features like airbags, power steering, front and rear seatbelts, music system, etc. are found in any and every car today, you will want to consider other features depending upon your purpose of vehicle use. For instance, you will need a car with a low turning radius so you can effectively cruise through city traffic. Additional features that you may want to take into account are the anti-lock braking system (ABS), adaptive cruise control, rear sensors, blind-spot monitors, and heated seats. You may also consider upgrading your basic features to enhance their purpose. For example, the default music system for most vehicles is a single DIN dashboard. Upgrade to a double DIN system with GPS navigability if you often travel to unknown regions.

Conduct Extensive Research

Spending time researching the specifications and features of different makes and models of cars will help you to save money. You can find many articles on the internet featuring the best cars of the year according to type. A few of those articles may be biased toward a specific model, but most others are purely educational and authentic. You can even compare similar makes and models of vehicles on several websites, or sort the listings according to your budget or required features. The internet has indeed simplified our lives. Tap its unlimited potential to shortlist your vehicles.

Don’t Think Too Much

Avoid getting into the habit of thinking more than what is necessary. It may complicate your choosing process even more. Now that you have shortlisted a few of the best cars, there is no point in taking a lot of time to finalize one. Simply pick one based on your knowledge amassed during research, or go with your gut. Visit the dealership to take your shortlisted vehicles for a test drive, and choose the one that you feel most at home in.

Remember that dealerships generally have different sales targets for different vehicle models. The car salesperson may often pitch you the brand that carries the highest sales target. Listen to them, for additional knowledge always comes in handy. However, keep your requirements in mind as well. If the car pitched by the salesperson meets your expectations, then don’t hesitate to add it to your list. Last but not the least, check out all the available financing options and loan offers. Unless you can afford to write a check for the full amount of the car or initiate a direct bank transfer, you will need to get a loan before making the purchase.


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