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A Simple Guide to Easily Sell Your Property

There are many reasons someone might have for selling their home. Whatever your reason for wanting a fresh start somewhere new, you can use some essential steps and information to sell your property easily. The following will explore your options and note down which methods tend to produce results more quickly and which ones tend to create the most money.

Route of Sale

When deciding to sell a property, you have three broad options. You can sell your house:

1. When deciding to sell a property, you have three broad options. You can sell your house:
2. Sale by owner
3. Home buying company

Each of these options has pros and cons depending on your property and your needs. It’s critical that you think about what you require from the sale when choosing between them.

Using a Real Estate Agent

This is the most traditional route to go by. This will involve picking an agent to work with, agreeing on a percentage of the sale commission you’ll be sharing, and allowing the agent to list the property for you and actively seek out buyers and encourage the sale of your house. The agent might make suggestions regarding how you present the property to potential buyers and might even recommend a repair or two. Agents tend to have a vast network and know who is looking to buy something like what you’re offering. They also understand the market in your area and can help you list the house at the right price to balance the speed of sale, and final profit made.

Selling Your House for Sale by Owner

This route can help you avoid paying a listing agent’s commission and allows you complete control over your listing—you set the price, details, marketing strategy, and showing schedule. This also means you have to do all the work to get the property sold. This option might be more difficult as the onus is on you to get the word out and interact with potential buyers.

Studies indicate that property for sale by the owner tends to end up with a lower sale price than those that go with listing agents. However, there may be some bias in these results as there are self-selection factors to consider—perhaps people tend to sell properties themselves when they are of lower value.

You’ll also have to decide how and where you want to market your listening. Social media and other buying/selling platforms are a great place to start. You’ll also have to manage the listing—scheduling showings and answering messages. It’s important to note that if the buyer you decide to sell to is using an agent (and the majority of potential buyers will have one), the commission will still need to be paid to the buyer’s agent.

Home Buying Company

For those who need to get out of their property-situation fast, there is the option of using a home buying company. These are businesses that pay cash for homes within a short period of time—typically around two weeks, and Stewardship Properties explains that many of these businesses make the cash offer, having not seen the home. They use the address and a phone call with you to create a written cash offer. You sign if you’re interested.

This option is obviously the speediest one. You can usually select the closing date that works for you and can skip the entire process of listing and negotiating with potential buyers. This being said, you might not get the highest profit by going this route because of the speed. Sometimes having multiple buyers interested can cause the price of the home to rise.

Additional Factors: Listing Price

If you decide to use a real estate agent or sell your home yourself, you need to understand that listing price is a strategy. The longer a house sits on the market, the lower your chances of selling the property for the listing price. This means that setting a price slightly lower than ideal can often be a brilliant strategy as it will stir up a lot of interest quickly. 57% of homes sold at or above the listing price when the offer was accepted within the first week.

Additional Factors: Peak Selling Time

Depending on where you live, there will be a real estate season. On a nation-wide scale, typically, the first two weeks of May are peak selling time, but individual neighborhoods vary. Understanding when to put your property on the market can give you a significant boost in the sales process.

The above tips should help you get your home sold relatively easily. Take your time and weigh the pros and cons of each option carefully. Not every choice is right for every homeowner.

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  • When it comes to selling property, hiring a real estate agent may be the safest move. This will ensure that a seller has the utmost expertise in place to ensure a smooth transaction.

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