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4 Extreme Hobbies Everyone Can And Should Do

For some, there is nothing better in life than relaxing and kicking back after a long day’s work. Being able to put your feet up and rest, and just unwind. For others, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting the rush and pulse-pounding adrenaline of an extreme sport is worth more than its weight in cold and the thought of relaxing is not nearly as exciting. There are so many different extreme hobbies and sports out there that it’s easy to see why some people want to feel that rush.

Finding the right extreme hobby is also tough in itself because of that very fact. There are a lot of ways to experience an adrenaline rush, but some of them are illegal, stupid, or just don’t cut it. Thankfully, there are more than enough options that don’t tow the tie of what is and isn’t acceptable. Here are 4 extreme hobbies that anyone looking to feel alive should experience.

Rock Climbing

If you’ve seen the Free Solo documentary about Alex Honnold, you probably got the idea of why this sport is so intriguing. You might not want to try and climb El Capitan without any gear on, but the idea of climbing nature’s most imposing structures, mountains, is quite impressive. This is definitely a good hobby to get into. The professionals behind stress that there are ways on how people can eventually work their way up to more extreme variants of it. You should start off slow and steady at a rock climbing gym where they can teach you all about the terms, the safety precautions, and the techniques, but you’ll soon be learning how to do it on real rock faces and, not just indoor gym settings. Rock climbing isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s a kick of adrenaline like no other when you finally learn it.

Mountain Biking

In something that may be more familiar to you, mountain biking is a combination of something you’ve done thousands of times since you were a kid, plus the sheer tenacity of mountain trails and slopes. Mountain biking is not pedal through the park, so don’t be fooled. It might seem easy enough if you know how to bike, but going down steep hills and avoiding trees is sure to make your hairs stand on edge. Not to scare you, however, as you can and should start off by doing bike trails on off-road before you graduate to real incline or declines, but mountain biking is pulse-pounding, no holds barred action for the truly adventurous.


If you’re someone that really loves to get outdoors during the winter, then you’re doing yourself a disservice by not snowboarding. This is pretty interchangeable with skiing as well because they’re both incredibly exciting. The rush of flying down a mountain with nothing but a small piece of plastic-encased wood or carbon fiber might sound like the dreams of a lunatic, but when you actually feel the full force of the wind and the speed hit you, you start to realize why people spend so much time on the slopes in the winter. Not to mention, when you learn how to hit moguls, jumps, and the dreaded black diamond runs, you’ll see what true excitement is all about.


The last, but certainly not least, option that you should consider when it comes to extreme hobbies is paragliding. Paragliding is an amalgamation of two extremes in one, which makes it extremely extreme – parachute and hang-gliding. This best of both worlds sport is not only pulse-pounding but at the same time, it’s oddly calming. Being able to soar over the great wide open of forests, hills, mountains, jungles, or water allows you to see things from a wildly new perspective, but the rush of the air is nothing to forget. Just like every other extreme sport, you’re going to have to take lessons first to prevent any accidents or injuries, which is necessary to enjoy extreme sports. All in all, worth the chance to glide over nature and enjoy a breathtaking view.

There are two types of people in this world – those that like to relax, and those that want to push it to the limit. Everyone falls into one of these categories in some way, and it doesn’t matter if you’re either or because taking up an extreme hobby can still be rewarding all the same. Consider these 4 extreme sports to get your adrenaline kick.


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