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Wiz Khalifa Bartends for McQueen and the Violet Fog’s One Year Anniversary at 40 Love

Global music superstar Wiz Khalifa can now add “mixologist” to his list of many talents. On Wednesday night, Wiz Khalifa bartended for a sea of special guests at 40 Love in West Hollywood, California. Wiz served his favorite McQueen and the Violet Fog gin cocktails, closing the night with one final chilled shot! Wiz and guests, who included Todd Gurley, iitsAD, Socialhouse, Hwood Group, Gary Spinelli, Chase B, Don Toliver, Casey Veggies, Chase Atlantic, Dope’s Rob G, and Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods & Sk8, were celebrating the one-year anniversary of McQueen and the Violet Fog, an extraordinary New York Times-featured Brazilian craft gin. Wiz, whose love for gin is well-documented, was an early supporter of McQueen and the Violet Fog and has since come aboard as its global brand ambassador. Fans of Wiz have been treated to McQueen and the Violet Fog cocktails at his Live Nation concerts throughout North America, and will recognize Wiz’s passion for mixology from his McQueen and the Violet Fog Cocktail Hour video series, in which Wiz learns how to create cocktails that showcase the gin’s 21 unique botanicals. If you want to drink like Wiz, two try these two cocktails at home:

The McQueen and the Violet Fog Sangria
1oz McQueen and the Violet Fog
0.5oz sour apple liqueur
0.5oz triple sec
0.5oz apricot brandy
0.5oz peach liqueur
0.5oz pineapple juice
0.5oz orange juice
3oz white wine

Devil’s Bramble
1.5oz McQueen and the Violet Fog
0.5oz acai liqueur
1oz lemon juice
1oz blackberry syrup
2 dashes lemon bitters
1 blackberry and 1 lemon peel for garnish


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