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Who’s LA – Behind the Scene Profile of LAs Shapers: legendary tattoo artist Mister Cartoon on his limited Cazadores Tequila Edition Bottle

Tequila Cazadores, a 100% blue agave premium tequila, debuted a new limited-edition Blanco bottle, reimagined by legendary tattoo artist Mister Cartoon in honor of Día de Los Muertos. The hand-rendered bottle design features Mister Cartoon’s signature fine point style, nodding symbolically to the Día de Los Muertos traditions Mister Cartoon values most. We caught up with the legend himself to get more insight on is artistic inspirations and Los Angeles Culture.

1. Tell us a bit about your background?

I was born and raised in the harbor area of Los Angeles. I came from a good Mexican-American family, my mother and father worked hard and raised me with a passion for art. I graduated high school and went to sign graphics school as well to learn a trade. From the age of 8 years old, I knew that I wanted to be an artist, and ever since that day I have practiced in all different mediums at becoming an artist.

2. How did you learn how to tattoo/graffiti?

I learned to do graffiti by myself, this was done by watching others and those around me. It’s self-taught…practice and error. With tattooing, I learned by apprenticing and practicing on my friends, home-boy style, in the garage, and then after that, I eventually got an apprenticeship in a righteous tattoo shop where I learned the art of tattooing.

3. How did the city of Los Angeles influence your work?

Classic cars, tattoos and soul music are a way of life out here on the West Coast. All these elements and icons are what I think about when I draw, and it shapes my style of artwork and influences me.

4. What is a current trend that you have noticed in the tattoo world?

The current trends that I have noticed in the tattoo world is that I am getting customers from all different walks of life. I have also noticed people are getting, now more than ever, tattoos on their necks, hands, and heads.

5. Where did you get inspiration for the Tequila Cazadores limited edition bottle?

My design was inspired by the spirit of Dia de Los Muertos – a day that pays tribute to our friends and family that have passed. Their symbol of the skull honors the memories of loved ones lost. The rose signifies hope and new beginnings and the woman represents love and celebrating the good times in life. The stag which is the icon of Tequila Cazadores, reminds us to be bold and fearless in the pursuit of our dreams.

6. Where can you find the best Mexican food in LA?

My favorite restaurant for Mexican food in LA is YXTA located in downtown Los Angeles.


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