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What You Should Know About A Central Vacuum System And Why You Need It

Central vacuum systems are composed of pipes running through walls to meet a large vacuum unit. Central vacuum systems are the go-to option for many vacuum cleaning experts. Many owners of vacuum systems companies prefer this form of vacuuming over all the others.

What Is A Central Vacuum System?

Central vacuum systems are often also called whole-house vacuums. This vacuuming system is built-in, and pipes run the home’s wall interiors to the garage or basement, usually where a large vacuum system is located. The walls come with suction ports throughout the house, which are not entirely unlike electrical outlets in terms of function. According to, by using these suction ports, homeowners can attach and remove hoses easily. You can then vacuum the entire house room by room without having to haul a heavy vacuum with yourself.

What You Should Know About Central Vacuums

By the very nature of its design, central vacuum systems offer the following advantages over its more portable and traditional form of vacuum:

– It’s more powerful
– It makes less noise
– It cuts down on recirculated dust and dirt

The last-mentioned benefit of central vacuums is made possible by using an outside venting system much akin to dryer vents.

Vacuum cleaners are among the leading causes of severe asthma and allergies by stirring up a significant amount of debris and dirt as they work to clean the same. However, you can prevent air recycling that typically accompanies using central vacuum systems. Through the use of the system, the polluted air is exhausted outside the existing home. The air does not get to interact with the homeowner anywhere in their houses.

Experts state that it will take you about $1500 to get a central vacuum system installed in a 2400 square foot home. The estimate includes installation costs as well. However, note that prices might go up, something that will be decided by the features that come with such a system and the number of desired suction ports. Some central vacuums come with a baseboard suction feature. You can sweep dirt to your baseboard and flip the switch, and voila, the in-built suction ports, simply suck away the dirt. Another useful feature that central vacuum systems can optionally have are retractable hoses. You don’t need to carry hoses from one room to another with this feature as they retract to the wall insides at the suction port points. Kitchens can also come with brooms suction systems that get rid of debris and dirt from kitchen tables, floors, and countertops.

Why You Might Need One

One great advantage of installing a central vacuum system is the excellent longevity they offer. As experts point out, you can expect such a system to provide you their services for a whopping twenty to forty years. Additionally, central vacuums are characterized by the lack of considerable weight of portable units. They also come with less of a hassle, and you won’t need to empty or change the filters all the time. They make minimum noise, and there are no dust smells.

Further, if you have pets, this is the best option open to you. Almost all of the animal clinics feature a central vacuum system and a large number of hair salons. Such vacuuming is one of the best things you can do for a green home.

You don’t necessarily need a new home to benefit from the several advantages of central vacuum systems. You can retrofit existing homes as well without needing any heavy construction work.

Things To Note

Before you buy a central vacuum, you should keep in mind the things we mention next. Homeowners need to empty it twice or thrice annually. Additionally, such systems need to be inspected by professionals once every few years, depending on usage frequency. Remember installing such systems is not at all a kind of DIY activity. Users planning to get one should start by consulting online resources like this one and then consulting local experts after researching them. Ask for references from previous clients of such services and consult online reviews to determine the firm’s reputation. It is not mandatory to hire only licensed professionals, but it is helpful. Also, remember to check about proof of suitable training of the company personnel.

On the whole, central vacuum systems work in several ways to increase your home’s overall value. Many consumers prefer central vacuums to other vacuums once they have used it. It serves exceptionally well for people who want to sell their homes or people looking for a long term and easy solution to their vacuuming needs. Cheers, to clean homes!


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