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What You Should Do (and Not Do) at the Car Accident Scene

Accidents are common and in some cases, they may be caused by other people’s negligence. If you can prove fault in an accident, the other party will be liable to pay you compensation for the injuries and damages to property. However, there are certain things that you should take into consideration if you want to win your case.

Read on to learn the things that you should do and not do at the accident scene.

Call an Ambulance

When you are injured in a car crash, you should immediately seek medical attention. You must also do the same for any passengers in your car since treatment is very important. You may not feel the pain soon after the accident but internal injuries can manifest at a later stage, and it can be difficult to claim compensation then. When you visit your doctor, you also get a medical report that is used in your compensation claim. Without a medical report, the insurance company representing the other driver can decline your claim.

Contact Your Insurance Company

When you or the passengers involved in the accident is injured, you should contact your insurance company right after contacting the police. The company will deploy an adjuster to the accident scene to assess the damages to your vehicle so that they can work out the costs required for the repairs. The adjuster will also need to get details about the crash which can help them to evaluate the exact amount that you should get.

Contact Your Lawyer

You should contact your lawyer after an accident so that they can represent you to get the compensation you deserve. Expert accident attorneys at explain that accidents are devastating, and it is difficult for the victims to cope with the trauma and stress they experience. However, with the assistance of an experienced lawyer, you can get peace of mind since they can professionally handle your case to help you get the compensation you deserve. Personal injury lawyers have experience in dealing with similar cases, so the chances of getting suitable compensation are high.

Document All The Details

You need to document all the details about the crash as soon as possible so that you can retain as much information as you can remember and use them as supporting evidence in your claim for compensation. You should take photographs of the damaged vehicles, physical features around, and your injuries to support your claim. If there are witnesses around the accident scene, you must get a report from them as well. You also need to exchange details with the other driver involved in the accident. The information you get should include their license number, their insurance company, as well as vehicle details. You must also write details about the condition of the weather and the road.

Get a Police Report

A police report is the most vital document that you should have if you want to get the compensation for damages to properties and injuries that you deserve. You must call the police soon after the accident so that they can write a report which is required in any claim process. Your case may lose credibility if you do not have a report from the police since the insurance company representing the other driver can dispute your claim. If you cannot get a police report soon after the accident, make sure you get it within seven days.

Avoid Talking to an Adjuster From the Other Insurance Company

You must always remember that insurance companies are in business, and they always seek to maximize their profits. Therefore, you should never talk to people from the insurance company representing the other driver involved in a car accident. The adjusters can sound compassionate, but they will be seeking to solicit finer details they can use against you. Apart from your lawyer, the only person you can talk to is the adjuster from your insurance company.

Do not Share Accident Details on Social Media

Some people may be tempted to share pictures of the car accident on social media but this is not advisable. The members from the other insurance company can use this information against you which can jeopardize your compensation claim. You can only share information about the crash with your lawyer who will be representing you in your claim if you want to get benefits.

While accidents are unavoidable, there are certain things that you should not do at the scene. You must also know the course of action that you should take at the crash site. The most important thing to consider is seeking medication so that you can get the right compensation for your injuries. More importantly, you should never share the accident details with the people from the insurance company representing the other driver in the accident.


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